All Hallow’s Eve: Take The Treat That Is The Faith & Avoid The Trick That Is Glorifying Evil! – The Mike Church Show

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All Hallow’s Eve: Take The Treat That Is The Faith & Avoid The Trick That of Glorifying Evil!

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  HEADLINE: The Church Was the Hero in These Classic Horror Flicks by Benjamin Welton

  • The Catholic church used to be the savior in all horror flicks of the past.


HEADLINE: The Real Reasons Why Legacy Media Are Freaking Out Over Trump’s Successful Baghdadi Mission by Mollie Hemingway 

  • The successful strike against ISIS founder Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi complicated media and Democratic efforts to destroy Trump.
  • The media reacted not with the praise and excitement that greeted President Obama’s announcement of a similar successful operation against Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, but with anger and rage. 
  • TRIVIA QUESTION: What do the never Trumpers dress up as for today?
  • AUDIO: Monty Python “She’s A Witch”
  HEADLINE: Facing Evil on All Hallow’s Eve by Chilton Williamson, Jr. 
41m HEADLINE: Rachel McKinnon Is a Cheat and a Bully by Madeleine Kearns

  • Bad horrible things are going to happen b/c of this. 
  • We must call out these women that are turning their babies into the opposite sex for public acclamations. 
  HEADLINE: Kanye West: ‘The Richest Thing You Can Have Is As Many Children As Possible’ by Amanda Presigiacomo
50m HEADLINE: Stop Turning Your Yard Into A Hellscape For Halloween by Joy Pullmann

  • Drivers will honk at 6am to get someone out of the house instead of calling them or heaven for bid they get out of their car and knock on the door.

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1h18m HEADLINE: Stop Turning Your Yard Into A Hellscape For Halloween by Joy Pullmann

  • Children get nightmares since Halloween season started b/c of the demonic “decorations” by my neighbors. 
  • The Exorcism of Emily Rose – that is based on a true story.
  • Anneliese Michel is the real girl that this demonic possession happened to.


HEADLINE: As Halloween Approaches, an Exorcist Speaks on the Reality of Satan by K.V. Turley

  • The matter-of-fact and calm manner of Father Davies belies the fact that this is a man on the front line of an ancient and ongoing spiritual battle. It is one carried out by him behind closed doors in a London church on an apparently mundane weekday afternoon. Yet within those church walls the power of the Holy Name releases people from the influence of evil, frees the oppressed from wicked spirits and, in the more extreme cases, casts out demons from the possessed.
  • QUESTION: How many sins did Lucifer and the gang commit to be sent to hell?
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Special Guest Chris Ferrara founder of America Needs Fatima and writer/editor at Remnant Newspaper

#AmazonSynod #Pachamama

  • No Pachamama was at the final Mass in St. Peter.

  • The wrecking ball in the Catholic Church.
  • No one is doing anything about this Pope, they will complain about the fruits of what he is allowing to happen but they won’t call him out directly.
  • The true Church cannot be destroyed and we as Catholics know this.
  • When I say “these” I am referring to the hierarchy of the Catholic church. The Bishops and Archbishops that have nice cushy positions.
  • Ratification – was a total joke
  • Liberty The God That Failed 
  • They awoke to find themselves modern day slaves.
  • Patrick Henry saw this coming but not many others did.
  • The government will speak the languages of GIVE GIVE!
  • Exceptions became the norms.
  • Readers and acolytes – female according to the final document of the Amazon synod.
  • You cannot limit an error because the exception swallows the rule.
  • Father Morey – refusing communion to Joe Biden.
  • The spirit of our epic is slowly penetrating the Church.
  HEADLINE: Slide In Life Expectancy For American Men Continues Amid Spike In “Deaths Of Despair” by Tyler Durden

  • Men are killing themselves w/ drugs.






Special Guest Fiorella de Maria

This year my children are dressing as the 4 Last Things!

  • Death – grim reaper
  • Judgement – dressing gown w/ a judges wig
  • Heaven – dressed as an angel
  • Hell – dressed as a demon
  • Evans is quite a common Welsh name here.
  • The gentleman that sent in the solution that listened w/ their son has been the closest to solving the 1st mystery. 
  • Some of the solutions sent in were way too in depth. 
  • You are missing the blaring clues.
  • Episode II The Cursed Death of William David Evans (read by Fiorella de Maria)
  • Send your solutions to [email protected]
  • This is Episode 2 out of the 6 we have produced already.
  • We will have a “Clues Shows” later.
  • “Scary ways to bump people off” – Fiorella


AUDIO/VIDEO: Bishop Robert Barron – Opening Prayer, U.S. House of Representatives 

Catholic Air Raid Siren – if his goal was to seem NOT Catholic he succeeded. 

  HEADLINE: Kanye Understands A Crucial Part Of The Gospel Other Celebrity ‘Christians’ Don’t: ‘It’s A Hard Road To Heaven’ by Kylee Zempel
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Written by: Corey Clark

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