EPISODE 516 >NON-MEMBER PAY PER DOWNLOAD< Mandeville, LA – DeceptiCONNED: The Deep State’s Spyin’ Eyes Just Got Contract Extensions – The vote toe extend the FISA surveillance program WITHOUT alterationa nd in fact with new tyrannies added was successful thanks to Prewsident Trump, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and, wait for it, Nancy Pelosi. See how the Ruling […]

Mandeville, LA – David Simpson has return to the air waves on the CRUSADE Channel. David opens a new Hero Story. Gives the Weather report. [php snippet=10]

EPISODE 515 >NON-MEMBER PAY PER DOWNLOAD< Mandeville, LA – Californians Create New California To Evade The Old California Government – AKA Why New Hampshire has 8 year waiting period before Massachusetts ex-pats can run for government offices. The “New California” movement is the latest effort to carve off the state’s rural areas from its urban areas. Looking at the map […]

EPISODE 514 Mandeville, LA – President Trump Agrees With Saint Thomas Aquinas On Immigration– The firestorm over President Trump’s remark to Senator Dic Durbin that we have too many immigrants from “sh*thole” countries and not enough “from Norway” has triggered the requisite media meltdowns but no one has asked the ultimate question: why should any country […]

EPISODE 513 >NON-MEMBER PAY PER DOWNLOAD< Mandeville, LA – Today’s guest Michael Hichborn, Founder of The LePanto Institute has a blockbuster story he broke on his site: Pope Francis Awards Architect of Safe-Abortion Fund with Pontifical Honor. Don’t miss my exclusive interview with Michael at 9:30 AM EST and you can signup for the LePanto newsletter to get these breaking […]

Mandeville, LA –Browsers and search engines evaluated for speed, security and functionality. [php snippet=5]

EPISODE 512  >NON-MEMBER PAY PER DOWNLOAD< Mandeville, LA – [php snippet=4]

EPISODE 511 >NON-MEMBER PAY PER DOWNLOAD< Mandeville, LA – Google Runs The World With “Plural Beings” Riding “Yellow Dragonkins”. Really!? Yes, REALLY – Folks you just cannot make this stuff up. James Damore was employed at google.com and began to notice that his “diversity”, being a white male, was not represented in most company “diversity training” policies […]

EPISODE 510 >NON-MEMBER PAY PER DOWNLOAD< Mandeville, LA – What Could Top The Trumpzilla Campaign? How About A Change And hOprah Campaign? – The secular Satan-worshipping left is soooo butt-hurt from the nearly 3 year long smackdown Donald Trump has meted out to it it is publicly throwing a Staubach to Pearson (the inappropriately named Haily Mary pass): “Trump […]

Mandeville, LA –Discussion regarding civilian and military applications of swarm technology And artificial intelligence used by nano & micro machines. [php snippet=5]

EPISODE 509 >NON-MEMBER PAY PER DOWNLOAD< Mandeville, LA – The Trump Administration As An Episode of 24? The Usual Suspects Plot a Coup – The usual suspects aka our ruling elite masters are planning a coup d’tat in Mordor this spring. One that involves them playing oracles of wisdom and deciding that President trump has not bombed […]

EPISODE 508 >NON-MEMBER PAY PER DOWNLOAD< Mandeville, LA – The Ongoing Crisis Of Liberalism Is What CRUSADERS To Restore Order Crave – Patrick Deneen, a guest of the Mike Church Show, has a new book out called Why Liberalism Failed. I believe that the basis for the book was well covered in my 90 minute long interview […]

Mandeville, LA –Lost nuclear weapons and other nuclear weapons accidents. [php snippet=5]

Mandeville, LA – Analogies can easily be multiplied, if one wants to push a thesis; but the point is that the greatest threat to world peace and international justice is the nation state gone bad, claiming an absolute power, deciding questions and making “laws” beyond its competence. The world divorced from the God who created and […]

EPISODE 506 >NON-MEMBER PAY PER DOWNLOAD<       Mandeville, LA – Since 2008, I have been telling readers of this site and my radio show listeners that while climate change IS occurring it is a naturally occurring event and not the doomsday calamity the tree-hugging commies claim. Since 2010 I’ve been informing you of the […]

Mandeville, LA –Exploits that are decades old and mitigation strategies explained.     [php snippet=5]

Mandeville, LA –The story behind Betty Boop and how the one entertainer in Harlem touches people around the world 100 years later. [php snippet=5]

EPISODE 505     Mandeville, LA – Greg Carpenter explains how the latest cyber attack occurred, who is affected and what the damaged was. Talks about Blockchain and cryptocurrency.  [php snippet=4]

Mandeville, LA – The CORRECT Response To Big Gay Greg, The Priest Who “Came Out – I talked about the man I call “Big Gay Greg”, the priest that blasphemed Our Lord and profaned the Blessed Sacrament with his outrageous and scandalous perversions, made public, in front of the Sacrament. Here is Father Nathan Reesman with an appropriate response, […]

Mandeville, LA – The GOP Pass Tax Bill Does Some Good But It Fails In What Matters Most: Spending – I told a shocked friend of mine “the GOP tax bill is sauce for the goose, ladeled out by Baphomet”. He responded that I was a cynic a***ole and no longer a joy to be friendly with. […]

The U.S. Constitution Now REQUIRES Abortion & Contraception – When Judge Wendy Beetlestone made her ruling (in cahoots with Pennsylvania’s AG) last week against the Little Sisters of The Poor & The Trump Administration, she basically stated that because ObamaCare is “the law of the land” and because that law provided that the Federal Leviathan can […]

EPISODE 501 >NON-MEMBER PAY PER DOWNLOAD<       Mandeville, LA – According to the dominant paradigm shared by most people, religious and secular alike, the world is now divided into two camps: people of faith and people of no faith. Occam’s razor says they were in religious ecstasy—their kind of religious ecstasy, in which abortion on demand becomes the […]

Mandeville, LA –Junkbond covers the real story of the miraculous Christmas truce of World War I in 1914. [php snippet=5]

EPISODE 500 >NON-MEMBER PAY PER DOWNLOAD<     Mandeville, LA – [Editor’s note: To those Christians who do not have a loving and abiding devotion to the Mother of Our Lord consider, as Saint Bernard of Clairvaux exhorts, that Mary of Nazareth, immaculately conceived, still had her Free Will and could have told Gabriel ” no”. As […]

Mandeville, LA –  The Porn Industry Got Kneecapped By Net Neutrality – If the makers of videotapes could have gotten their tapes for FREE, why, we’d still be enjoying betamax movies! Porn pimps cry foul that their “free” internet is going the way of female modesty before yoga pants. Strange thing though, I never heard home […]

Mandeville, LA – Truth: The Mass Hysteria That #MeToo Has Become Is A Revolution Instigated By Women – How ironic that the benefactors of the “sexual revolution” i.e. women who are no longer shackled to the institution of marriage for sex; are now rejecting all the “benefits” the revolution gained them including cheap, no strings attached sex […]

Mandeville, LA –Grumpy Cat investigates Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to create designer porn and supply pedophiles. [php snippet=5]

Mandeville, LA –Legends, stories & history of Christmas traditions. [php snippet=5]

EPISODE 497 >NON-MEMBER PAY PER DOWNLOAD< Mandeville, LA – HOUR 4 Features Mike’s very special guest, Beverly Stevens, publisher of Regina Magazine (subscribe here). Mike & Beverly talk about the amazing groundswell of “yewts” coming to the Latin Mass and defending/joining the ancient Magisterium. PLUS Beverly gives us a personal view of Saint Winefrides, one […]

EPISODE 496   >NON-MEMBER PAY PER DOWNLOAD<     Mandeville, LA – Congrats DeceptiCONS, Trump Just Made Possible Acts of Muslim Orthodoxy In Jerusalem – Steering clear of the theological point that the “Israel” constantly referred to as a MIC cause celebré is NOT a geographical area (a state) but is the Mystical Body of Christ, that is, […]

Mandeville, LA – DeceptiCONNED: The Final Act – Paul Gottfired administers a big, heaping helping of the Founding Fathers Red Pill (minus the much needed Holy Water) in urging “conservatives” to move on to productive activities and abandon the project of Conservatism Inc.’s “reducing the size and scope of government” because it cannot be done. Gottfried even gores […]

EPISODE 494 >NON-MEMBER PAY PER DOWNLOAD< Brother Andre Marie and Mike Church talk about the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary Conceived with out Sin By Saint Anne.   Mandeville, LA – DeceptiCONNED: Why The War Party Hates Putin – MBD posits that Putin “hatin’” has become a John Boltonesque blood sport precisely because he keeps showing up […]

EPISODE 493 >NON-MEMBER PAY PER DOWNLOAD<   Mandeville, LA – Time Proclaims The #MeToo As “Person of The Year” Giving The Revolt Against Nature An Award – I have been asking the question lately: of all the women claiming abuse and using the #MeToo what were they doing when they were being #MeToo’d? Now Time Magazine comes along and […]

Mandeville LA –Historical truths, faux pas and Hanlon’s Razor. [php snippet=5]

EPISODE 492   >NON-MEMBER PAY PER DOWNLOAD<   Mandeville, LA – This Is ‘Muricah, You Will Go Sodomite, Bake Our Cake And like It – “The un-baked wedding cake heard round the world” is one ‘Murican revolutionary way to describe the fiasco that just made it to the SCOTUS. Arguments were made yesterday in the case of […]

Manassas, VA – Junkbond covers DDOS atacks, you know, Smurf and Echos… >NON-MEMBER PAY PER DOWNLOAD< [php snippet=5]

EPISODE 491 >NON-MEMBER PAY PER DOWNLOAD< SEGMENT 3 FEATURES AN INTERVIEW WITH Peter Kwasniewski   Mandeville, LA – Trump Just Reversed The Great Land Snatch of 2012 – http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5144171/Trump-virtually-abolish-Bears-Ears-National-Monument.html On The 3rd Day of Advent Mitter Savior Gave To Me – If you take notice, Advent is making a HUGE comeback this year. I have now seen feature pieces published […]

EPISODE 490   >NON-MEMBER PAY PER DOWNLOAD<     Mandeville, LA – Will You Go Black-Sodomite Santa Or Will you Go Carmelite? – It had to happen, a children’s book tells the story of “Mr. Claus”, Santa’s husband who is a jolly old sodomite and also happens to be black. A writer named Alexander Phanor Faury wants you […]

Mandeville LA –The story of a pigeon, integrity, raw guts and a unit that wouldn’t quit despite facing immeasurable odds. The forgotten story of desperation and hope of the “Lost Battalion” who were the spearhead of the allied offensive and only unit to break through the German defenses in the Argonne Forest in 4 years […]

Mandeville, LA – David Simpson talks about the welfare state does it work and is if it does what are the benefits if there are any? [php snippet=10]

EPISODE 489 >NON-MEMBER PAY PER DOWNLOAD< Mandeville, LA – The CRUSADE To Keep The CRUSADE Channel Going Just Got Real: iHeart Radio Is About To Fold – I have been telling people this for a few years now that the destruction of the radio industry began in earnest in 1994 when the TeleComm Act signed by Bill […]

Manassas, VA –Computer attacks, what they are, why are they done and who is doing them? [php snippet=5]

EPISODE 488 Segment 3 features and Interview with James Wilson >NON-MEMBER PAY PER DOWNLOAD< Mandeville, LA – How The Current “Net Neutrality” Actually Helps Make The Monopolies That Will Do What Opponents Fear – I continue my study into the complex issue that is “net neutrality” and what the December 14th vote on the new “rules” actually […]

EPSIODE 487 >NON-MEMBER PAY PER DOWNLOAD< Mandeville, LA – The Media Industrial Complex Gift To Their Liberal Vanguard: Guilty! Till proven Innocent – The basis of western, common law is “innocent until proven guilty” whether that be by a court, tribunal or council. Note that the “western” part of that common law came about through centuries of […]

EPISODE 486 >NON-MEMBER PAY PER DOWNLOAD< HOUR 3 Features an Interview with Michael Hichborn Mandeville, LA – It’s 10:00 O’Clock, Do You Know What Your Daughter Is Reading? – The awards for best 2017’s “children’s books” are out and the winners are… well, as Rod Dreher discovers, dystopian fantasies about piling on in rejecting sacred order. But the […]

Omaha, NE, LA –Zombie Ants and other disastrous parasites. [php snippet=5]

Manassas, VA –Tyranny is everywhere, sometimes we invite it in and other times it is a process of human stupidity. [php snippet=5]

EPISODE 485 >NON-MEMBER PAY PER DOWNLOAD< Segment 2 Features an interview with Dr. Kevin Wacasey                 Mandeville, LA – The Canadian Demons Have Come For The Children… – Meet professor Jordan Peterson, the Rosa Parks of those who choose natural law as their reality. Peterson is about to be brought […]

Mandeville, LA – The Beauty of Still finding Beauty in Modern ‘Muricah aka The Truth Is OUT There – Gerald Russello reviews James Matthew Wilson’s The Vision of The Soul, a new book that challenges DeceptiCONS and other fake conservatives to work toward making the term “conservative” actually mean something again. This is a task I have been […]

EPISODE 483 Mandeville, LA – Give Thanks To Old Dishonest Abe For Giving Us “Thanksgiving”!? – Jayme Metzgar heaps praise upon the scion of true liberty, Ol’ Dishonest Abe Lincoln, for urging the ‘Muircans of 1863, 1864 to “give thanks” and thus giving us the first real Thanksgivings we are about to enjoy. Metzgar’s praise of Lincoln is […]

(Photo: Brynn Anderson, AP) EPISODE 482 >NON-MEMBER PAY PER DOWNLOAD< Mandeville, LA – The Family Research Council’s Coddling Of The Gay Goodman – I’ve written and talked about the fact that our “democratic system” is founded upon the warped principle that men can govern themselves with no external, higher authority needed. If that were a system that produced […]

Mandeville, LA – Relax, Enjoy The Weekend, The End of The Enlightenment Is Almost Here. CHEERS! – Melanie Phillips is a wise woman who joins Truth seers in witnessing the horror of the end of civilization through the irrational denial of human nature that is the transgender virus pandemic. I’m not kidding. Subjecting nursery school aged children to […]

Mandeville, LA – [php snippet=10]

Episode 480 Mandeville, LA – What Moore Should Say: “I Tried, But I’m No Bill Clinton” – Daniel Payne is one of many writers out there reminding the less-sleazier than thou Libtards that before Roy Moore, there was one William Jefferson Blythe Clinton. And Clinton left  atrail ofr shattered lives, stained blue dresses and actual rape charges that should have been filed. […]

Episode 479 >Non-Member Pay For Download<   THE MIKE CHURCH SHOW IS NOW AVAILABLE TO LISTEN TO LIVE! ON APPLE’S ITUNES! CALLING ALL MIKE CHURCH SHOW FANS-PLEASE JOIN THE CRUSADE NOW Mandeville, LA – Satan’s Postulants Clamor For His Attention – Claim “Jesus Was A Rape Baby” – I tweeted this out earlier in response […]

Episode 478 Mandeville, LA – Helen Reddy Redux via Notre Dame: That Ain’t No Way To Treat A Lady – The University of Notre Dame played Miami U. on Saturday in a game billed as “Convicts vs Catholics”. Based on Notre Dame’s behavior and its slandering of its patron’s virginity and purity, Our Lady (that’s what Notre […]

Episode 477  Mandeville, LA – Ebony & Ivory Is Now Ebony & Ebony – A “Professor” at Ekow Yankah a “professor” at Cardozo Law College in NYC writes in the NY Times that he will be teaching his boys how to survive life in Manhattan by teaching them how to avod white people. Yes, you read that right. […]

Tombstone, AZ –Junkbond is Live from the streets of Tombstone celebrating The Veritas 2-year Anniversary and Veterans Day with the stories of Congressional Medal of Honor recipients, Mohawk Code Talkers and much, much more! [php snippet=5]

Mandeville, LA – Mandeville, LA – Today’s Pile of Prep: most of the stories and research used to put together the Mike Church Show on the Veritas Radio Network’s CRUSADE Channel. 2017 is here and WELCOME to the All-New, Mike Church Show on the CRUSADE Channel, listen LIVE for Free (don’t cost nuthin’). Sapientia et Veritas -I have […]

Mandeville, LA – [php snippet=10]

Mandeville, LA – USA! USA! Has Squandered $5.6 TRILLION in “War On Terror”, Don’t You Feel “Safer” Now, ‘Muricah? – The facts speak for themselves but hey, what’s another $5.6 TRILLION in debt between ‘Murican heretics? The Apostles Were Communists All along And Nobody Knew It – David Bentley Hart, a “Christian Scholar”, claims on the pages of the NY Times that […]

Mandeville, LA – The Demons Are Ascendent On YouBoob And They’ve Come For The Kids… – The NY Times, among others (read this essay here) has noticed the automated “bots” YouTube has employed to crank out BILLIONS of hours of children’s video series and shorts that feature no humans and in most videos nothing human-like. Here’s one example […]

Mandeville, LA – Devin Patrick Kelley: A Look In The Mirror Of ‘Murican Culture – That’s right, ‘Muricah, the young man that murdered 26 people in a Baptist church was immersed in the low-middle class culture of the day and a sterling example of living life with no view of eternity. From fantasizing about hookups with teenage […]

Manassas, VA – Second Part of the Tyranny series. >Download This Episode Of Reverse Deception<   [php snippet=5]

Mandeville, LA – The Demons Arrive In Texas, Claim Atheist’s Soul & 26 Others in 2017 Mass Shooting #2 – “What motivates men to commit acts of evil?” is a question every pundit is asking today but few have the conviction and courage to answer it: we live in a world created to spite The Creator, how else […]

Mandeville, LA – When I took my seat in the Convention, I found them attempting to bring forward a system which, I was sure, never had entered into the contemplation of those I had the honor to represent, and which, upon the fullest consideration, I considered not only injurious to the interest and rights of this […]

Manassas, VA –Life and Death: Man’s attempt to prove God an amateur. [php snippet=5]

This rollicking conversation covers that subject, the sad state of Catholicism in Scotland, history, the sinister plot behind population control and much more!

Mandeville, LA – The Demons Have Now Come For The Kids…In YOUR House – I hate to say I told ya so but I did: incest is being normalized. When Masha Gessen bragged that her new baby with “her partner” had been fathered by Gessen’s brother, some of us correctly recoiled in horror, yet the […]

Mandeville, LA – One If By Land Two If By Sea And Hundreds If By Rented Truck – Those who still believe that Muslims that go orthodox need to see ‘Muricans eating McDonald’s and wearing blue jeans to be inspired to mass murdering of infidels, what say you about über Driver Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov? An orthodox Muslim who was […]

Mandeville, LA – Rejected By Sodomites, Kevin Spacey Should Go Carmelite – Actor Kevin Spacey is the latest Hollywood hedonist to have been publicly shamed into admitting that what these pervert creeps vend on film they have practiced in private. Recall in the second season finale of “House of Cards”, Spacey’s character performed a menage trois with a males Secret Service […]

Manassas, VA –Tyranny is ugly and when people are manipulated in such a manner as to give up their autonomy, it is even worse because the State knows no limits. The first of a three part series on tyranny in these United States. [php snippet=5]

Mandeville, LA – Sorry George Washington, You’re Not Wanted Here – Christ Church in Alexandria VA has evicted its two most famous benefactors, Robert E. Lee and George Washington because they are costing the church “parishioners“. How ironic that in “celebrating” the 500 year anniversary of Luther’s revolt, many ‘Murican Protestants find themselves victims of the never-ending revolt […]

Mandeville, LA – David Simpson today on the True Money Show explains who How To Choose An Advisor. Starts a new Hero story. Today in Money History. And much more! [php snippet=10]

Mandeville, LA – Major Robotics Scientist Proudly Brags ‘People Will Be Marrying Robots And Printing Their Children In Laboratories In Less Than A Generation’: Andrew Bieszad – We warned that the sex robots coming in the near future are a realization of a prophecy that the final battle will be over marriage and the family. In another development […]

Manassas, VA –Names are strange things, they mean so much and hide just as much. What does a name mean to you? [php snippet=5]

Mandeville, LA – The project of Catholic men going public for Virtue and Vocations IN Their Vocations has been a lonely slog but I’d like to welcome actor Mark Wahlberg to the ramparts. According to the Chicago Tribune: It may have been a critical and commercial hit, but actor Mark Wahlberg says he’s prayed to God for forgiveness […]

Mandeville, LA – Sapientia et Veritas -“There has always been, from the beginning, and will always be, the Church, and sundry heresies either doomed to decay, or, like Mohammedanism, to grow into a separate religion. Of a common Christianity there has never been and never can be a definition, for it has never existed. There is no […]

Mandeville, LA – DeceptiCONNED:The Warfare State Now Requires RETIRED Pilots To Continue Our Dominance of the Planet & Trump Is It’s Muse –  Thanks to Expedia, Hotwire & the Travelocity gnome, ‘Muricans’ right “to move about the country” has spawned an airline travel industry that is has expanded to the point where there is now a pilot shortage. […]

Mandeville, LA – George W. Bush: Peasants, You Will Obey Your New World Order Overlords, Citizen! -Former President George W. Bush, picked up where his father left off, insisting that we peasants get back in our Soylent Green food lines, forget about #MAGA (full disclosure: I’m not a fan either) and surrender to our “sustainable” global overlords because: […]

Mandeville, LA –  David Simpson continue on what is true money. [php snippet=10]

Mandeville, LA – The Demons Are Ascendent, They’ve Come For The Children & They Won’t Take No For An Answer, Part 4,392 – “By their fruits you shall know them”. Our Lord’s warning to be on the vigilant watch against the diabolical is more important than ever with the rise of the diabolical among the children. Look […]

Mandeville, LA – The Demons Are Ascendent, They’ve Come For The Children & They Won’t Take No For An Answer, Part 4,392 – “By their fruits you shall know them”. Our Lord’s warning to be on the vigilant watch against the diabolical is more important than ever with the rise of the diabolical among the children. Look […]

Mandeville, LA – Raging Bonfire of The Vanities In Hollywood While California Burns – The after shocks from Hurricane Hollywood Harvey continue with no end in sight as 500,000 women take to Twitter to claim they’ve been sexually exploited/abused/harassed. It should be no surprise though because what we are seeing is what “Hollywood” has been selling for over […]

Mandeville, LA –War, War, War! Requires Burn, Burn, Burn And That Makes Soldiers Victims – I wonder if “ambassador” John Bolton or chicken hawk war promoting scoundrels Sean Hannity and Mark Levin will hold some “celebrity benefit concerts” for the men like Brain Alvarado, a former Marine, now reduced to a flesh covered version of […]

Audio from the Fatima 100 Rosary and Angelus.  

Mandeville, LA – The Miracle Of The Sun As Witnessed By An Agnostic – Dr. Jose Maria de Almeida Garratt, a science professor at Coimbra Portugal, showed up at Fatima on the morning of 13 October, 1917 expecting to witness nothing and add to his skepticism of the Catholic Faith. What happened to Dr. Garrett was recorded in […]

Mandeville, LA – The Miracle Of The Sun As Witnessed By An Agnostic – Dr. Jose Maria de Almeida Garratt, a science professor at Coimbra Portugal, showed up at Fatima on the morning of 13 October, 1917 expecting to witness nothing and add to his skepticism of the Catholic Faith. What happened to Dr. Garrett was recorded in […]

Mandeville, LA – [php snippet=10]

Mandeville, LA – Grope Allegation Against Batman Ben Affleck Creates PR Nightmare for ‘Justice League’ – Hollywood’s worst fear just came true. The biggest scandal by far in Tinseltown history has just expanded beyond Harvey Weinstein. Tuesday night, Oscar-winning director Ben Affleck was publicly accused of groping actress Hilarie Burton back in 2003. Our Dazed & […]

Atlanta, GA – Keynote debate on fake news from the Hacker Halted Conference 2017. Winn Schwartu – moderator, Mike Masucci, JD & Junkbond. [php snippet=5]

Manassas, VA – the life and times of G H W “Pappy” Bush and some of the things tied to his name… [php snippet=5]

Mandeville, LA – The Jesuits As Postulants of Moloch? Yep, Read On – It should be well known that Pope Francis is a member of the Jesuit order. It should also be of no surprise that the Jesuit Order has suffered a corruption of Holiness that is now degrading into outright heresy. The Zippy Catholic writes of this under […]

Mandeville, LA – The Ascendant Demons Of Hollywood Trade Aborted Babies For Silence On Rapists – Sorry, Lena Dunham, your dubious outrage at Harvey Weinstein and meaningless “apology” for playing his game to help get Hillary elected are just that dubious. Dunham wonders where all the “brave men” are in Hollywood. You know, the white horse riding men […]

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Mandeville, LA – Mike Church is LIVE from Saint Benedict Center where we will be broadcasting all the speakers from the St. Benedict Center Conference. [php snippet=4]

>Preview and Download this Feature<

Mandeville, LA – [php snippet=4]

Mandeville, LA – [php snippet=10]

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Mandeville, LA –  Evidence, The History of Christianity & The Existence of The Spirit World DO Offer A Vegas Explanation – The NY Times calls the mass murder carried out by Stephen Paddock “meticulously planned“. This plays right into my explanation for the event: it was a pre-meditated act to bring about a moment of preternatural joy i.e. the […]

Mandeville, LA – An Original Show written and produced by Mike Church. FOUNDING BROTHER LEVEL AND HIGHER MEMBERS DOWNLOAD THE PEARCING TRUTH EPISODE LITERARY FORT KNOX HERE The Veritas Radio Network Presents: THE PEARCING TRUTH- Based upon the best-selling work Small Is Still Beautiful by Joseph Pearce. Featuring Joseph Pearce and hosted by Mike Church – […]

Mandeville, LA – Las Vegas Shooter Was The Archetype Materialist Modernity Creates, Are There More? You Betcha… – Read my response to my old radio pal John Zeigler who I briefly worked at in Raleigh, NC in 1996-1997. Zeigler’s take is that Paddock didn’t believe in an afterlife: “It is then fairly safe to conclude that Paddock did not believe in […]

Mandeville, LA – Mass Shooting, Over 50 Confirmed Dead, Over 500 Injured – Details are sketchy right now but Las Vegas police confirm 20 concert goers are dead and at least 100 are injured in a murderous rampage. Gunman Identified As Stephen Paddock, 64 of Mesquite NV [php snippet=4]

Mandeville, LA – Baguul Netflix Has Come For The Kids & Is Broadcasting Pederasty – Netflix has a new original series called Loud Mouth that I have been reading warnings of for a while. Now that the preview is out we can say the speculation over: this is soft-core porn for pederast voyeurs. Watch the trailer (warning NOT safe for work or […]

Mandeville, LA – David Simpson Host of the True Money Show offers his professional advice on how to spend your money wisely. Gives the financial weather report. Continues the Heroes story on Joseph McCarthy [php snippet=10]

Mandeville, LA – Baguul Has Come For The Kids & Is Broadcasting Pederasty – Netflix has a new original series called Loud Mouth that I have been reading warnings of for a while. Now that the preview is out we can say the speculation over: this is soft-core porn for pederast voyeurs. Watch the trailer (warning NOT safe for work or […]

Manassas, VA – What’s the current state of the web, the biggest threats and how individuals should deal with them. [php snippet=5]

Mandeville, LA – [php snippet=10]

Mandeville, LA – Told Ya So: ObamaCare Is Here Forever, The Repeal Campaign Was A Hoax – On April 23rd, 2010, the U.S. House passed the reconciled version of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – ObamaCare – on April 24th the campaign to “repeal” it began and for 6 years, the GOP has used the […]

Mandeville, LA – NFL Mysoginists Should “Take A Knee” Over The Warfare State Elites At Tyson’s Corner, VA – If an NFL player is seeking a real outrage of “inequality” to protest, one that relies upon the national anthem and the pledge of allegiance, take a knee at the anthem and point this out: the military, spyfare […]

Mandeville, LA – ‘Tis On! Catholics Throw Down The Gauntlet To Pope Francis: Either Recant Your Heresies Or Face a PUBLIC Correction– Chris Ferrara is a frequent guest on the Mike Church Show and is one of 62 signers of a letter delivered privately to Pope Francis on August the 11th, now made public that demands he recant […]

Mandeville, LA – [php snippet=4]

Mandeville, LA – From Today’s Mike Church Show: An Answer For The Bewildered – I talked about the 100 year long “sexual revolution” in today’s 3rd segment. “Wilhelm Reich understood that religious faith is sustained and passed down through the natural family. And so he concluded that the natural family must be dethroned, disrupted, and ultimately redefined to cut […]

Mandeville, LA – Now GRAND-Dude Looks Like A Lady!? – California’s assembly is going to pass a law that provides fines and jail time for those convicted of incorrectly using PRONOUNS in old-folks homes which are now apparently overrun with transgenders and sodomites. Seriously folks, how long before the Gaystappo is actually created and granted police powers? From the […]

Manassas, VA – Part two of a three part series of misinformation, disinformation and flat out lying from the government to you. [php snippet=4]

Mandeville, LA – Thanks MIC: Drones May Not Be Delivering Your Pizza Yet But They Are Delivering ISIS Bombs – It had to happen: our never-ending wars, driven in large part by so much lethal drone use, has produced copycat drones now being used by ISISand others and yes, they can drop bombs. “mother” Is A Diabolical Homage […]

Mandeville, LA – [php snippet=10]

Mandeville, LA – Another Friday, Another Act Of Muslim Orthodoxy And Another “We Will Not Give In To Fear” Speech – A bomb partially detonated on the London Tube injuring 20 people including children. Note that the bomb PARTIALLY detonated, meaning the full carnage and horror a London Muslim planned was not realized. Gazing at the photos in the […]

Manassas, VA –Privacy and more privacy, did we mention privacy? [php snippet=5]

Mandeville, LA – East Bound And Down Loaded Up But Not Truckin’ – The Federal monstrosity that isn’t federal anymore has been quietly inventing new and more better ways to control the men who you see “East Bound and Down” through regulations and creepy Big Brother monitoring. Matthew Garnett informs us “Every minute of every day is monitored by […]

Mandeville, LA – Today’s Guest, Andrew Beiszad, Sodomy Laws Need To Be Restored For The Sake of Public Health – The zeitgeist to make all children ruled  by their libido in unnatural ways is producing a massive increase in the risk of and suffering of venereal diseases; it’s time to BRING BACK THE LAWS AGAINST SODOMY.  Chris Ferrara […]

Mandeville, LA – If You Want Your Identity Back Then Start Thinking Small Is Still Beautiful – At least once a week I get the chance to talk about the problem of human scale and the fact that in ‘Muricah these days we have so very little knowledge and use of it. During those talks the topic […]

Mandeville, LA – What Emperor Julian And Nero’s Wife Really Meant To Say To Amy Barrett – You can see the outrageous videos below for your own edification: there can be no basis in faith for any part of ‘Muricah’s precious “law and order”. Nicholas Senz puts it another way “Any idea deriving from a religious conviction or […]

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Mandeville, LA – Will You Go Federal Government or Carmelite? If You Follow The Christian Teaching On Sexuality and Morality, You Cannot Be Employed In Our Satanic Temples of Buggery and Bagul – Watch Al Franken play Emperor Julian and prep Amy Barrett for the catacombs. Franken even implies that the Catholic Church is Pol Pot. Senator Dianne Feinstein […]

Mandeville, LA – SINISTER In Real Life – It is one thing to be thought to be diabolical, it is quite another thing to go to a Planned Parenthood “rally”, open your mouth, and remove all doubt. Such is the Twainsian’ twist, Goonies actress Martha Plimpton has added to Moloch’s lust for infant flesh and limbo’d souls. Watch (if […]

Manassas, VA – Not using a Virtual Private Network? Think Again, there are numerous benefits. [php snippet=5]

Mandeville, LA – http://www.wnd.com/2017/09/ecosexual-professor-wants-you-to-have-sex-with-earth/ The Folly of “Marriage” As Anything Other Than A Sacrament, Exhibit 7,084,925 – Read this and witness a pair of well-meaning, non-Catholic Christians, argue over the best way to treat of “gay marriage” and “gay people” and still be Christian. The obvious answer is also the one most avoided: return to The Church, practice the […]

Mandeville, LA –  The process is split into four stages: 1) demoralization, 2) destabilization, 3) crisis, and 4) normalization. In his book “Love Letter to America” from 1984, Bezmenov explains how the main principle of ideological subversion is turning a stronger force against itself, and the crucial role demoralization plays in that process. He writes, “It takes […]

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Mandeville, LA – Evangelicals Publish Statement Of Catholic Doctrine Catholics Are Afraid To Publish & Defend – A group of well-known Evangelical Protestant pastors and group leaders (think Focus on the Family) have issued what they call The Nashville Statement, named for the location of their convention. The statement reads like catholic catechism for its attempt to bring clarity […]

Mandeville, LA – Professor’s Wax and Alexander’s analysis is spot on, they even use the term “solidarity” correctly, but what is missing is the call to action they do not make: The Church is the SOURCE of the bourgeois culture they say needs a return and only a revival of the parish and parish life can […]

Mandeville, LA – FINALLY! A Christian Group Made Infamous By the Quacks At The SPLC, Sues For Defamation – D. James Kennedy Ministries has filed a defamation of character lawsuit against the Southern Poverty Law Center, the extortion group that “identifies hate” then warns all the good people of the world of “the danger” said hate poses. And […]

Manassas, VA – Part I of a II part series of the CIA & The making of George Bush. [php snippet=5]

Mandeville, LA – What Happened To The “United” Part Of The United States? – Pat Buchanan, a leading voice in the alt-conservative movement (I just coined that term) is out making sense again meaning fewer people will read what he’s printed and even fewer will get anything out of it (and Rod Dreher will be accusing him of some […]

Manassas, VA – Special guest Peter McCarthy discussing the lemming movement to tear down statues and erase history. [php snippet=5]

Mandeville, LA – Sodomites Aren’t Born They Are Made And They’re Making More – When I revealed the statistic that teenage pregnancies are occurring in higher numbers among girls who claim they are lesbians than in their heterosexual peers, friends just stared at me, unable to disavow the obvious contradiction: lesbians don’t have relations with boys/men! Ahhhh, […]

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Mandeville, LA – Defend The Confederate’s Statues!! (Oh Wait, That’s Not AC)…Ummm, Remove The Confederates! But Stop There! – You have to marvel at the power the AntiFa and Corporate/Media Industrial Complexes have over anyone who dares to leave their home and venture into public. Case in point: Kyle Sammin, who on the one hand is kinda sure […]

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Mandeville, LA – War War War! We LIKE War! Trump Sends 4,000 More Troops To Afghanistan – This is just sad and disappointing: President trump announced he would direct some 4,000 more troops be sent to Afghanistan to continue our endless nation building efforts. Regurgitating the same DeceptiCON propaganda we’ve heard since 2002, the President has now all but […]

Mandeville, LA – Kentucky Town To AntiFas: We’ll Take Every Confederate Statue in Muricah and Display them – https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/a-121-year-old-confederate-monument-was-coming-down-this-kentucky-town-put-it-back-up/2017/08/20/7a397fc6-85b0-11e7-a50f-e0d4e6ec070a_story.html?utm_term=.92d681577720 90% Of Confederate Soldiers Were Not Slave Owners And Died For Defense Of Their Homeland – For the ordinary soldiers who fought and died, devotion to the Confederate army did not arise primarily from a devotion to the institution of […]

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Mandeville, LA – Another Day In Europe Another Mohammedan Rampage – The UK Daily Sun’s coverage has over 100 photos and videos, most of the gore has been blurred out. The Daily Mail has the pertinent facts including the orthodox Muslims identity, 18-year-old Moussa Oukabir, and the the names of those arrested in connection with the act of orthodoxy.

Mandeville, LA – The Civil War of 2017 Has Begun & President Trump Is All In – President Trump held a press conference yesterday that should have remained what it started, a fierce competition for the “watching paint dry trophy”, then the Media Industrial Complex began shouting questions about Trump’s membership in the Klan, his embrace of […]

Mandeville, LA – What kind of society “lives” to choose who else gets to live!? – CBS News wants to know if the rest of the “civilized world” should follow Tenochtitlan imitators in Iceland (live baby sacrifices) and murder ALL the PLANET’S soon to be born babies “diagnosed” with Down’s. Seriously folks, if Hitler did this we’d have 300 big-budget films […]

PREVIEW HR2 Interview Peter Kwasniewski Mandeville, LA – Buchanan: Do The AntiFa Anarchists Plan To Purge Themselves From This Land That White People Conquered? – It is a fair point and a historically accurate one: white supremacists settled the Americas, civilized the natives (AND converted them to Catholicism for a time) and then ruled AS white supremacists […]

Mandeville, LA – What We Can learn From The Faith of The 3 “Seers” At Fatima – On August 13th 1917, the “Tinsmith” (constable) of the town of Fatima Portugal, abducted Jacinta, Lucy and Francesco who were en route to the 4th apparition at Fatima Our Lady had promised them. The “Tinsmith” after a day of interrogation […]

Mandeville, LA – California Dreamin’ Nightmarin’-The Golden State Has Turned Red – There was a time when many ‘Muricans dreamed of moving to California and enjoying the good life: moderate year-round climate, plentiful natural resources, sunny beaches, beauty everywhere you turn and boundless opportunity. That was then and this is now: California is the poster child of […]

Mandeville, LA – Login using your Founders Pass Login to Enjoy this exciting Reverse Deception Special.  TWA Flight 800 Investigation.  [php snippet=5]

Mandeville, LA – Login using your Founders Pass Login to Enjoy this exciting Reverse Deception Special.  TWA Flight 800 Investigation.  [php snippet=5]

Mandeville, LA – The CRUSADE Channel Is Not “Acting All CRUSADER-Y” By Itself Anymore – A new online magazine called The Peregrine has launched and its editors welcome letter has lots of CRUSADER-Y goodness in it. “The market, the family, and the state are all established for the sake of the common good, the common life of virtue and the […]

Manassas, VA –, Is the story true, did the USA force the Japanese surrender in the Pacific or were there other strategic considerations left out of the narrative all these years? This week Junkbond reveals Which power brought the Kingdom of Japan to its Knees and ended World War II. [php snippet=5]

Mandeville, LA – [php snippet=10]

Mandeville, LA – [php snippet=4]

Mandeville, LA – Cue The Pre-Cogs: The Thought Police Are Here And They Work At Air BnB – The scandalous antics of the wretched Lena Dunham to fire up a legion of SJW airport thought police has been shown to be a hoax perpetrated by Dunham though the hoax does serve as a warning: “Citizen! you will […]

Mandeville, LA – Aborting Babies Is as ‘Murican As Apple Pie And [not being a] Mom – You have probably seen the stories of the mental crisis Dumbocrats are dealing with these days: announcing it’s ok for their candidates to kinda be opposed to ALL cases of abortion. Author Lindsey West has gone so far to proclaim that […]