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Mandeville, LA –  In Part I JunkBond walks the audience through the most deadly biological weapons: some existing in their ambient environment and others maintained by governments throughout the world.

Mandeville, La – Scotch and cigars, what goes well and what is verbotten? JunkBond and special guest, Mr. Jas Will run through their field research of pairings for the good of humanity.

Mandeville, La – What did we learn on the internet this year? Is social media helpful or just a distractor from what is truly important? Listen to some of the stories from this year and you be the judge.

Mandeville, LA: By the time WWII rolled around, Britannica was a failing Imperial Superpower, but would she go quietly into that Good Night?

Mandeville, LA Hack In Paris 2018 review of presentations and training’s, Part II

Mandeville, LA: You seem clearly confused; this is seriously funny stuff, remember that deception is a tool but self-deception makes you a tool.

Mandeville, LA Large Cardinal joins JunkBond on this episode to talk about their favorite Hack in Paris training’s and presentations.

Mandeville, LA: JunkBond completes the list of Strategic and Operational Deceptions that made the Operation Quicksilver a success.

Mandeville, LA: What does the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, socialism and 2030 Agenda have in common? Find out in this episode!

Mandaville, LA: JunkBond reminds us that we are not alone and every government is collecting your data.

Mandeville, La – The truth about the Potato Famine and centuries of British perpetrated genocide against the Catholic Irish peoples!

Mandeville, La – The truth about the Potato Famine and Oliver Cromwell’s mission of Catholic extermination.

Mandeville, LA: It isn’t only American and Russian interests at play in Syria. Why don’t we take a break and let Israel police the world?  

Mandeville, La – The History of the Green Mountain boys and the Vermont Constitution.

Mandeville, La – The truth about the Potato Famine and centuries of British perpetrated genocide against the Catholic Irish peoples! Audio & References Chris Fogarty                            Friends of Ireland The Truth About The Irish Famine/Genocide References The life of John Mitchel,William Dillon, […]

Mandeville, LA-We create our own executioner, technology is destroying the family.

Mandeville LA -Amazon’s robotic increases means more people out of work. Chrome and google are collecting your dossier and don’t forget to feed the birds!

Mandeville LA – Final Episode in JunkBond’s 3 part series enumerating the physical and spiritual deaths associated with “American Deceptionalism and Imperialism.

Mandeville LA – A look at Syria, Turkey and other key players in the 10 year conflict and how “American Deceptionalism” has not helped, but only stirred the pot defeating peace at every turn.

Mandeville LA – Bonus Episode in JunkBond’s series “How many 9-11’s has the U.S. created since WWII? Where did we learn to kill so many with such efficiency?  

Manassas, VA – Reverse Deception Episode 22 with Greg Carpenter. Support the Veritas Radio Network and the CRUSADE Channel, Radio The Way It Should Be, and become a Founders Pass member. We have eliminated the middle man in broadcasting and instead bring the product direct to you for your consumption. Click to here to become a […]

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