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Mandeville, LA, Episode 63 – Imagine you are a young child abducted unlawfully by your mother and taken from one side of the country to another only to later be abandoned with a family you do not know. This is only the beginning of today’s incredible life story of author Brooke Lynn. [php snippet=2]

Mandeville, LA, Episode 62 – Legends, they all begin somewhere and they all stem from a root of truth or so we are led to believe. We have heard the saying, the man, the myth, the legend. Well today we are going to explore a legend. Yes, we are going to open up the truth in […]

Mandeville, LA, Episode 61 – When a man answers the call at a hospital on a Sunday night, little does he realize the adventure it will bring and the eerie recurring run in with a lady named Viola. Is this all just a coincidence or is something more going on? [php snippet=2]

Mandeville, LA, Episode 60 – What do you get when you cross a great family and great music? You get this weeks guests on My Story of America Radio. An incredibly talented group of self-taught musicians who light up a stage and spread life into the world. [php snippet=2]

Mandeville, LA, Episode 59 – With Dr. George on a golfing hiatus, L-Rod and Jimmy Ray take over the hosting duties for My Story of America radio. You will not want to miss their profound insights and redneck travel tip of the day. [php snippet=2]

Mandeville, LA, Episode 58 – What do tactical maneuvers, duck hunting, atheists and Ohio State University have in common? Well after a week of traveling the highways and byways, Dr. George returns and will provide some very keen insights on these and other fun topics as he shares his view from the road. [php snippet=2]

Mandeville, LA, Episode 57 – The news is full of stories about people protesting the travel ban enacted by the Trump administration. Should America limit the amount of un-vetted immigration into the country? It is a heated debate on both sides of the aisle. Today we will hear first hand from Kamal Saleem who has intimate […]

Mandeville, LA, Episode 56 – The Ashtabula Ohio train disaster on December 29th of 1879 was a terrible human tragedy but there is truly more behind the story. Journey along the life of song-writer Philip Bliss and experience a tale you won’t soon forget. [php snippet=2]

Mandeville, LA, Episode 55 – This ship wreck was a devastation to many on both sides of the Atlantic, but little did anyone know at the time this tragedy occurred that it would lead to the writing of a song that would impact generations for years to come. How do you deal with tragedy? Today, you […]

Mandeville, LA, Episode 54 – Life has a funny way of changing your destination. One minute you are boarding a plane headed for a day’s journey and the next you realize you might never arrive. Could today be a life-changing event for you? Join us today with special guest David Simpson, host of the True Money […]

Mandeville, LA, Episode 53 – Why are there differences in the Gospel accounts of Jesus Christ? Is this a problem for Christianity? Can we really trust what these books say? Is there a viable explanation? Get these answers and more as we spend the show with Dr. Michael Licona, associate professor in theology at Houston Baptist […]

Mandeville, LA, Episode 52 – Golf has been more than just a game for 1992 PGA Tour Rookie of the Year Mark Carnevale, it has been a journey. His story of selfless desire to do all he can to make the game of golf better is an inspiration. It is no surprise to anyone that his […]

Mandeville, LA, Episode 51 – Country Music Artist and Former Army Ranger Keni Thomas has experienced more than his fair share of adversity, but it took a drastic turn that fateful day in Somalia when a Blackhawk helicopter went down. This story of courage, leadership and holding the line will impact your life for the better. […]

Mandeville, LA, Episode 50 – After having several procedures to remove a massive kidney stone that was trying to kill him. Dr. George has now physically recovered. However, the anesthesia given to him has brought forth an unintended consequence and now things don’t seem to make sense. Prepare to take a journey into another dimension of […]

Mandeville, LA, Episode 49 – Janie sat looking at her Christmas tree wondering what the season truly signified. Was it just a time for the hustle and bustle of chasing after the perfect gift, or was it something much more significant? Her answer came when she saw a single special ornament posted prominently on her tree. […]

Mandeville, LA, Episode 48 – Sasquatch lurking in the mountains of West Virginia? Could this be for real. Take an incredibly fun journey as Dr. George visits the many locations where Bigfoot could be spending his time. It is a hilarious episode you don’t want to miss. [php snippet=2]

Mandeville, LA, Episode 47 – Step back in time as My Story of America visits the sights and sounds of the Wintertide festival in Monterey, Virginia. This quaint small town in the mountains of Virginia celebrates Christmas like most places did long ago. With friend, family and community all focused on the proper order. [php snippet=2]

Mandeville, LA, Episode 46 – Imagine being 10 years old and learning you have leukemia. The thoughts and terror that would cross your mind is something I cannot fathom. Not only did Doran successfully battle this life threatening illness, he helped to define him. His life today is one of inspiration, hope and wishes come true. […]

Episode 45 – It comes every year, Veterans Day, but do we really take the time to get to know the men and women of our community who have served in the Armed Forces. These individuals have made sacrifices many of us will never comprehend. Today follow me on a journey as we visit a […]

Episode 44 – Organizations rise or fall on leadership. With the election results laying out a new direction for America there is a question that must be answered; Who is really going to be the leader of the country. Today’s guest will provide some insight that is missing from the landscape of our country. [php […]

Episode 43 – Suicide grips the lives of millions of families all across the nation every year. However, we have the power to change these statistics for the positive. Author and filmmaker Alivia Tagliaferri shares her message through the books she writes and a powerful documentary on the terrible toll taken on our returning soldiers […]

Mandeville, LA –  – Episode 42 – His father pitched in the 1960 World Series for the champion Pittsburgh Pirates. He grew up not only loving baseball but another sport where you hit a round ball. Golf has been a big part of the life of Bob Friend, but this Pittsburgh native has more to […]

Episode 41 – Many of us have grown up around some iconic television shows. These classic episodes bring back laughter and memories from long ago. Let’s see how many of these famous TV themes you can guess right, some of them might surprise you. A fun and memorable episode that will take you back in […]

Episode 40 – For many veterans of war coming home is just the beginning of the battle. Their lives have been forever changed both mentally and for some physically. Learning to walk again with a missing limb can be a huge discouragement, but there is a place that does their best to return those veterans […]

Episode 39 Part 2- The continuation of last weeks incredible story of Mackey who was shot out of the sky in his first combat mission in Vietnam. With the pilot and co-pilot severely injured it would be up to this M-60 machine gunner to get them out of there. A story you don’t want to […]

Episode 39 Part 1- Mackey’s first combat mission in Vietnam was not what he expected when an armor piercing round came through the cockpit of his Huey helicopter. With the pilot and co-pilot severely injured it would be up to this M-60 machine gunner to get them out of there. A story you don’t want […]

Episode 38 – America’s military is a well-oiled fighting machine, but the battle is not only on the ground, it also occurs in the hearts and minds of those who are left behind. Today’s war against ISIS covers many areas and today’s guest will share about the front line fight as well as the battle […]

Episode 37 – You have seen the show, you have heard the music, so now be prepared to take a journey back through time to re-live the sights and sounds of one of the most enduring television shows of all time. The Andy Griffith show was more than just a weekly past time, it has […]

Episode 36 – You have seen them everywhere, a brown paper sack with a dollar amount on it. You are not able to see inside until you have purchased the bag. Inside could be a treasure or a trinket, gold or gold dust but most certainly it is a mystery. Today on My Story of […]

Episode 35 – Millions of people every year attend baseball games, but few have ever experienced a game where the main event is in the stands and not on the field. This week get ready to meet the Toast Man, baseball like you have never experienced before. [php snippet=2]

Episode 34 – Are you ready for some football? That familiar refrain can be heard everywhere as the days of summer come to an end. Folks everywhere get ready for the march to the Superbowl. What is it like to not only have played professional football but participated in two Superbowls? Today’s guest is not […]

Episode 33 – Could America be headed down the same path as Nazi Germany? Are there things happening in America that parallel what occurred in the 1930’s? Hear from someone who not only lived during the Nazi time, but was also a member of the Hitler youth. There is probably no more important story that […]

Episode 32 – We hear the rumors and we see the signs, but now experience first hand proof from the words of a man who came to America especially to train Islamic Jihadists. Former Muslim Brotherhood Kamal Saleem will share the continuing story of his former life as a terrorist and what we need to […]

Episode 31 – On June 23rd flooding ravaged several communities in the great State of West Virginia. Cars were destroyed, homes were washed away and peoples lives were changed forever. In the course of just a few hours almost 10 inches of rain fell turning small creeks into raging rivers. I spent a day touring […]

Episode 30 – Kamal was recruited by the Muslim Brotherhood at a young age and completed his first mission in Israel at the age of seven. By the time he was eight years old he was standing arm in arm with Yasser Arafat. When he became an adult he came to America to prepare for […]

Episode 29 – The Battle of the Bulge was one of the defining moments of World War II. Many brave men from America lost their lives in this horrific field of battle. Herman Zerger was one of the lucky ones to survive, but he was captured by the German SS troops and spent several months […]

Episode 28 – On June 6, 1944 the Allied Invasion of Normandy took place. Don Jakeway was one of those men who flew through the sky as a paratrooper. He risked life and limb to liberate a country held hostage by a maniacal dictator. His story of bravery, heroics and fortitude is just one piece […]

Episode 27 – On Episode 25 you heard the incredible story of Hershel Woody Williams who received the Medal of Honor for his brave heroics on Iwo Jima. This is the rest of the story of Woody’s incredible life and death struggle during World War II and the years that would follow. How did a […]

Episode 26 – Traveling across America you not only see some interesting people, but you see some interesting places as well. Join us live this week as Dr. George and guest Suzanne Sherman of the Suzanne Option take you on a journey around America to some of the great places they have traveled and some […]

Episode 25 – Countless men and women have given their lives in service for America. Hershel Woody Williams is doing his part to make sure that not only are their lives remembered, but also the families who lost their loved ones. A Medal of Honor recipient for his brave heroics on Iwo Jima, Woody knows […]

Episode 24 –Experience the true chronicled story of the life of John who was part owner of a slave plantation in Africa and who later went on to become the Captain of his very own slave trading ship. His life of evil, debauchery and wickedness is utterly depraved, and yet an event on the high […]

Episode 23 –On Episode 21 of My Story of America, we heard the true life events of Harald who grew up as an East German Communist. On today’s episode we will speak with Harald live and find out more about the terrible experiences he faced living under a government hell-bent on the socialist control of […]

Episode 22 Part 2 –Follow the continuation of the dramatic life journey of Errol from a small town in the Midwest to the jungles of Vietnam. All along the way he dodges death, destruction and misery. His life would come to a detour in the road the day he stepped into a bombed out building […]

Episode 21 – Part 1 – Experience the true life story of Harald who grew up as an East German Communist living during the time before the fall of the Berlin Wall. Hear first hand what it was like living in this kind of environment and about his dramatic escape. [php snippet=2]

Episode 20 – Experience the true life story of Ana who grew up in Cuba and lived under the Communist regime of Fidel Castro. Learn the truth about Che Guevara, the terrorist assassin who was no freedom fighter. Understand the terror and injustice of living in a country where your rights are trampled by the […]

Episode 18 – Exactly 241 years ago on March 23rd, 1775 Patrick Henry stood in St. John’s Church in Richmond Virginia and boldly stated, “Give me liberty or give me death.” Relive this amazing event and many other incredible facts surrounding this moment in America’s history. [php snippet=2]

Episode 17 – Exactly 240 years ago on March 16th, 1776 an important event in the history of the country took place, unfortunately most people in America are unaware of it. Find out what took place and how it impacted our path to independence. By the way this document can be shared in every school […]

Episode 16 – The inspiring story of Barry Loudermilk, member of the US House of Representatives from Georgia. Learn what is truly needed to make a difference in America and how one man from Georgia is doing his part to ensure the voice of “We the People” is heard. [php snippet=2]

Episode 15 – The incredible story of Christian Recording Artists Jonas and Becky Woods and their life changing struggle battling cancer and how it detoured their life in an amazing way. You will be comforted with the incredible hand of God working through the lives of these precious people. [php snippet=2]

Episode 14 – Join Dr. George live on the road as he traverses his way along the Butler Country Donut Trail, finding incredible stories and tasty treats all along the way. You will be amazed at the awesome stories around each corner. [php snippet=2]

Episode 13 – This weeks story takes us on an exciting adventure as two men rush at breakneck speed to rescue a woman they believed to be kidnapped. It will take all their ingenuity and intellect to save her. [php snippet=2]

Episode 12 Part 2 – The continuation of the story of John who grew up in Kabul, Afghanistan. Follow his incredible journey from child to adult and the persecution he endured along the way. His life changed forever the day he met the couple who offered him the gift of freedom. [php snippet=2]

Episode 12 Part 1 – The incredible story of John who grew up in Kabul, Afghanistan. Follow his incredible journey from child to adult and the persecution he endured along the way. His life changed forever the day he met the couple who offered him the gift of freedom. [php snippet=2]

Episode 11 – Jody Egnor was a member of the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment who perished in a helicopter crash off the coast of the Philippines while fighting the forces of Islamic Terrorism, but there is a better hero in this story. Can you determine who it is? [php snippet=2]

Episode 10 – Imagine piloting an airplane and all of a sudden it has mechanical difficulties. You cannot make it back to the airport and the only place to land the plane is in the middle of a crowded interstate just outside a big city. Follow every rivoting detail of this dramatic story and learn […]

Episode 9 – When one of their own gets terrible news of terminal cancer, more than 140 big rigs of all sizes come to the rescue just outside a small town in Albany, Ohio. A heart-warming story of dedication to your fellow man followed by a life and death struggle for life of a toddler. […]

Episode 8 – On January 2nd, 2005 just outside Buckhannon, West Virginia the Sago mine exploded trapping 13 miners inside. One came out alive while the others perished. However, this was not the only tragedy to occur because of this disaster. [php snippet=2]

Episode 7 – The Story of Christmas like you have never heard it told before. A Christmas tradition you don’t want to miss. [php snippet=2]

Episode 6 – Fred Rickard fought valiantly in Vietnam coming home a wounded hero, but the war did not leave his mind. The effects of hatred and bitterness lasted for more than 30 years until the day he had to make the choice of life or death. [php snippet=2]

Episode 5 – Jane grew up in Syria and lived her entire life peaceably as an Orthodox Christian until the country fell thanks to the Muslim Brotherhood. Hear her dramatic story of escape and the heartbreaking news of what she left behind. [php snippet=2]

Episode 4 – Imagine my surprise when I stopped to help a man in trouble on the street only to find out who he really was. You will be surprised at the content of this story. [php snippet=2]

Episode 3 – Billy was told his eighteen year old son had a stroke during surgery and was now left brain dead. The only option offered was for Billy to pull the plug, but he refused and a miracle took place. [php snippet=2]

Episode 2 – Listen as Sonja tells here incredible story growing up as a child of the Hitler Youth and the day she found out the truth about the terrible dictator. Listen as she recounts the eerie similarities seen in America today. [php snippet=2]

Episode 1 – Eric had a long history of drugs, violence and wrong doing. He had already spent ten years in prison for shooting a cop and now he was ready to place a knife into his enemy until he heard these words. [php snippet=2]

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