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Mike Church Show – C. Ferrara: The Unchangeable Law Can’t Be Changed By Pope Francis

Mandeville, LA - "The Pope cannot be wrong" is a foundational part of Christian teaching but this has conditions that must explained in order fully understand it and no lay person explains it better than today's Special Guest Chris Ferrara. In a long ranging 110 minute conversation, Church and Ferrara explain the scandal that Amoris Lætitia will visit upon the pastoral community who will then make the "Exhortation" de facto by […]

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Mark Kreslins Show: If Oklahoma Won’t Secede To End Abortion When Will It!?

Oklahoma - When states use their sovereignty rights to end abortion the 9, politically charged lawyers in black dresses, come swooping in and bellow: "Peasant Citizennnnnn! You will obey your Federal Overlords, Citizennnnn!" If we can't stand up to these tyrants for the soon to be born, then what WILL make us stand up? The time to make that stand is now, if you can leave Olive Garden long enough […]

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Veritas Newsroom

Customize Your Own Veritas Radio Network Player

Mandeville, LA - You can now personalize and take with you the Veritas Radio Network's CRUSADE Channel and design your own media player to boot! Just go to the CRUSADE Channel page on the Radionomy website here. Choose your player style. Choose your player's theme colors Copy the resulting html code and paste it in your own blog or favorite customizable media player.

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Mike Church Show – Pope Frances Welcomes Serial Adulterers While Hillary Schemes to Kill Their Kids

Mandeville, LA - Mike reacts to Pope Francis' GATES OF bombsHELL conspiring, Amoris Latitia Pastoral Exhortation. That this document is problematic is the understatement of Christian history. "Is it any coincidence Mrs Clinton feels free, nay, confident she can go on international television and pronounce that 'our law' permits a woman to murder her baby, hours before it is to be born?... there will be population control...eugenecists are always Elites, […]

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Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi: state of happiness and creativity

Mandeville, LA - LISTEN LIVE CLICK HERE Friday April 8th @ 12 NOON CENTRAL on Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi  Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Management at Claremont Graduate University. created the psychological concept of flow, a highly focused mental state. His concept and immense study with this state of happiness and creativity is where the name of our show is derived.  As a best selling author he's written many books and articles on the subject but […]

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The Fellowship Of The Clans

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Kevin Gutzman: 2nd Amendment Does Not Guarantee “Concealed Carry”

Mandeville, LA - In this week's Constitution Hour with Kevin Gutzman, Kevin takes historical exception to Idaho Governor Butch Otter's fatuous claim to Idahoans that the "2nd Amendment is your concealed carry permit". "This is just nonsense" says Gutzman explaining that Idaho doesn't need the 2nd Amendment to pass concealed or open carry or any other kind of carry. Gutzman takes issue with the NRA being mostly responsible for this […]

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CRUSADE Channel Preview Podcasts

Mike Church Show: Stick a Fork in Common Core, It’s Done

Mandeville, LA - Mike Church interview with Joy Pullman of The Federalist, reviews the long overdue terminal illness of "Common Core". Pullman reveals the sinister role über trillionaire Bill Gates played in launching CC and shoving it down the throats of parents. AND: Mike continues his Founding Fathers Red Pill definition of "what is a state" which will shock many DeceptiCONS and all of the Anarcho-pagans. Quoting an old poem […]

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Brother André: Support The CRUSADE Channel Catholics, It Has Earned It

Mandeville, LA - From ReConquest's Brother André Marie: This is not a plug for donations to Saint Benedict Center. Yes, those always help, but that’s not what this is about. This is a plug for people to (A) LISTEN TO (B) JOIN and (C) ADVERTIZE ON the Veritas Radio Network’s “Crusade Channel.” Why? Good question. The short answer is that this new broadband radio venture is actually becoming surprisingly effective […]

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Become a Member

Become A Founders Pass Member & Take Patrick Henry Along With You-FREE!

Mandeville, LA -Patrick Henry-American Statesman is not a history book, it is an exciting biography of the second greatest American who ever lived. This edition is the first modern release of this classic work and features 1 new chapter from editor Mike Church, “Henry in Art”. This edition also includes illustrations and was reformatted using modern publishing techniques. And the audiobook edition is yours FREE when you become a new, Founders […]

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“Midder” Church You & Veritas MUST Stay The Course!

Mandeville, LA - We thank listener Nicholas D. for his prayers, his Founders Pass Membership and his efforts to spread the Truth heard here daily on the Veritas Radio Network. "Midder" Church, I hath heeded thy request for someone to pen you a nice little email. Ha! Seriously though, It's been great listening to you these past few months. I actually found you on the sensus fidelium youtube page. One of […]

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Veritas Newsroom

Mike Church Show: Save America, Teach How To Think Not What To Think

Mandeville, LA - The Rev. James Schall wonders whether the next new thing in the academy will be the old thing chased OUT of the Academy at the mid point of the last century: Scholastic philosophy. Mike breaks this seemingly eggheaded topic into language that most "dudes" can understand, provided they approach it with open minds, good will and of course, Humility. Support the Veritas Radio Network and the CRUSADE […]

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True Money With David Simpson Featured Guest Joel Salatin: The Joy of Living Off The Grid

Mandeville, LA - This week on the True Money Show, David Simpson is joined by Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms on how to save money and prepare for hard times by living off the grid. Support the Veritas Radio Network and the CRUSADE Channel, Radio The Way It Should Be, and become a Founders Pass member. We have eliminated the middle man in broadcasting and instead bring the product direct […]

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Mark Kreslins Show: Taking A Turn At Playing James Madison Is Harder Than It Looks

Mandeville, LA  - O' glorious day! The federal Leviathan has dissolved and freed the people of Cleveland from it's chains. Mark Kreslin asks, if given a blank slate on starting a new government for the Republic of Cleveland how would you go about this endeavor?  Constitution? Monarchy? Anarcho-pagan chaos? Hear from callers explaining how they would take a stab at playing James Madison without the nefarious pledge of secrecy Madison imposed on the Federal […]

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CRUSADE Channel Preview Podcasts

Mike Church Show – Traditional Beauty Beats The Pagan Beast

Mandeville, LA - Claes Ryn, one of Mike's favorite writers and guests reminds us that surrendering the battlefield of arts to what Mike calls the anarcho-pagans was THE biggest mistake of the last century and must be reversed to reverse 'Muricah's slide into becoming a full-on pagan world. Support the Veritas Radio Network and the CRUSADE Channel, Radio The Way It Should Be, and become a Founders Pass member. We have […]

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Mark Kreslins Show – Stop Donald Trump Or The GOP Will Shoot!

Oklahoma - Mark Kreslins looks into why the republican party is so desperately trying take down the Trump presidential campaign. Also takes a look into the TEA party. Support the Veritas Radio Network and the CRUSADE Channel, Radio The Way It Should Be, and become a Founders Pass member. We have eliminated the middle man in broadcasting and instead bring the product direct to you for your consumption. Click to […]

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Natalia Baron reflecting on family, belief and the gift of entertainment

Mandeville, LA - LISTEN LIVE CLICK HERE Friday April 1st @ 12 NOON CENTRAL on Natalia Baron an actor most known for her starring role as the Cuban teacher Carmen Torres in the series Boston Public sits down with Kurt Wallace to discuss the surprise beginning of her career. She describes aspects of her experience with the craft of acting as being free of the ego. She also brings a fresh approach […]

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CRUSADE Channel Preview Podcasts

True Money: Distributism Is What’s For Breakfast

Mandeville, LA - "Distributism", the brain child of G.K Chesterton and Hillaire Belloc has been dismissed by libertarians including Tom Woods; and denied by Catholics, world wide as being incompatible with "modernity". But why would the brilliant Chesterton have wasted his time on such an archaic notion that "Distributism" proposes? Much of this criticism can be explained by stripping the subject of the non-starter modern economics has made of it and discussing it […]

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Mark Kreslins Show: The Bipartisan, Corrupt, Morally Bankrupt, De Facto Government Called: Federal

Mandeville, LA - Mark Kreslins Show: The Bipartisan, Corrupt, Morally Bankrupt, De Facto Government Called: Federal. Vintage Kreslins that will make YOU want to yell, SECEDE! Support the Veritas Radio Network and the CRUSADE Channel, Radio The Way It Should Be, and become a Founders Pass member. We have eliminated the middle man in broadcasting and instead bring the product direct to you for your consumption. Click to here to become […]

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CRUSADE Channel Preview Podcasts

Mike Church Show & Joseph Pearce: It’s The Catholic Shakespeare, Stupid

Mandeville, LA - You will probably not hear "there's no doubt that the evidence shows that William Shakespeare was most certainly a Catholic" begins Joseph Pearce, Mike's guest and editor of The St. Austin Review. Why does that matter? For starters, Shakespeare's literature contains timeless values taken from the Catholic mortal tradition, admitting his Catholicism, which the English will never do since that would make him a traitor, would introduce those […]

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CRUSADE Channel Preview Podcasts

Mike Church Show: Meet The Cowardly Governor of GA, Nathan Deal

Mandeville, LA - Nathan Deal, the allegedly "conservative" governor of the state of GA has vetoed a watered down bill that affirmed "religious liberty" in GA. Deal basically stated that everyone has the right to sexual perversion and there is no role for government to mitigate it. This is just another of our vainglorious "democracy's" last gasp at exerting authority OVER Christian moral teaching which Deal, IN Governor Mike Pence […]

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How To - Tech Help

How To Download Veritas Radio Network Shows To Listen Offline

Mandeville, LA - The following is a customer support ticket recently fielded and solved from listener Steven Pheasant. Comments: Mike, I love the show and share your love for the Church and thirst for the Truth. You have taught me a great deal over the last several years-thank you. I am having difficulty downloading the audio files of the individual show segments onto a flash drive to Sync from the […]

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CRUSADE Channel Preview Podcasts

Mark Kreslins Show: Donald “Gandalf” Trump Won’t Be Defeating Mordor On The Potomac

Mandeville, LA  - The image of Donald Trump dressed in wizard attire and charging down the hill on horseback to take back Helm's Deep from the Orcs is brought to life as ridiculous comedy because the premise that "Mordor on the Potomac" can be "fixed by Trump or any other "conservative" is as ridiculous as pixie dust curing cancer. Support the Veritas Radio Network and the CRUSADE Channel, Radio The Way It […]

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Daniel Franzese talks about family, God and ending AIDS in America

Mandeville, LA - LISTEN LIVE CLICK HERE Friday March 25th @ 12 NOON CENTRAL on Daniel Franzese an actor starring in many roles such as Bully, Mean Girls, Recovery Road and HBO's Looking sits down with Wallace to discuss his life growing up in an Italian family. He talks about his relationship with God and the importance of how that's honored in his work as an actor. He reveals what's most […]

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John McAfee: The greatest arrogance of humanity and the cure

Mandeville, LA - LISTEN LIVE CLICK HERE Friday March 17th @ 12 NOON CENTRAL on John McAfee founder of the McAfee Anti Virus and candidate for president on the Libertarian ticket sits down with Kurt Wallace to discuss aspects of his spirituality - sharing what he sees as truly important in his world. They talk about drug addiction, living on the street and owning a massive business empire. McAfee shares a personal story […]

today03/17/2016 9

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Michael Steele: The Enlightenment Of “Shut Up And Listen”

Mandeville, LA - LISTEN LIVE CLICK HERE Friday March 11th @ 12 NOON CENTRAL on Michael Steele sits down with Kurt Wallace to tell the story of how he choose his adopted mother as an infant. He reveals how his father's death from alcoholism left his mother to become the provider while refusing to go on welfare and the impression this made on his future. Steele's talks about being a […]

today03/09/2016 46

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Suzanne Sherman

Mandeville, LA - Suzanne is a licensed attorney who gave up her practice to home school her two sons.  A refugee from the People's Republic of Kalifornia, she now lives in Utah, where she and her boys have become avid hunters, and live on a small homestead, where they continue their education and raise various animals.  She had a brief stint with a radio show last year, and is also an NRA-certified […]

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Donate Now!

Donate Now-It Takes Dough To Replace The Lib Media

Mandeville, LA - Since launching the CRUSADE Channel, many supporters have asked us for a way to regularly support the Veritas Network and by extension BlackHat, that is the purpose of this page. One Time Donation To CRUSADE •Donation Level 1: 5.00 - Apprentice •Donation Level 2: 20.00 - Guild •Donation Level 3: 50.00 - Fraternity •Donation Level 4: 100.00 - Brother •Donation Level 5: 500.00 - Father You may […]

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How To Listen

Introducing CRUSADE Cafés! – Cool Business Places To Listen To Veritas Radio

Mandeville LA - The CRUSADE Channel, part of the Veritas Radio Network, is proud to announce our first listener/network partnership: The CRUSADE Café initiative. The CCI is conceived as a way to help bring CRUSADE Channel listeners together to enjoy their favorite radio station-The CRUSADE Channel-and promote small, community based businesses too. All that is needed to participate in the CCI is: • A place of business that has public […]

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Actor Pedro Miguel Arce ‘that fourth wall exists in real life’

LISTEN LIVE Friday March 4th @ 12 NOON CENTRAL on Pedro Miguel Arce a film and TV actor, originally from Nicaragua, talks about his cultural shift moving to the US and Canada. As a former football player trained in martial arts, he explains how those experiences impact him today. The conversation leads us to what Arce describes as the emergence of how the fourth wall (a term used in acting to […]

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Jordan Page: journey to redemption

LISTEN LIVE Friday February 26th @ 12 NOON CENTRAL on Jordan Page American singer-songwriter and musician sits down with Kurt Wallace to discuss his life and career as a musician and his surprising story of being discovered as an artist. He explains how his world view completely changed as a result of living in South Africa. He talks openly about his struggles in dealing with drug addiction. After getting clean […]

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Testimonial-CRUSADE Produces a “Superior Show”

Mandeville, LA - Veritas RAdio Network fans continue to lavish praise on our efforts and we are so grateful for them. PLEASE consider using our contact form to share your CRUSADE Channel experience and yes that includes your technical, entertaining, educational and spiritual, experience. Mike I happily support your efforts thank you. Your iPhone app is AWSOME. It puts you much closer to the radio experience. I will continue to […]

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The True Money Show Presents: Franklin Sanders, The Money Changer

Mandeville, LA - David Simpson's True Money Show grabs a rare interview with Franklin Sanders, The Most Dangerous Man In The Mid-South! In this EXCLUSIVE Interview, David Simpson gets Franklin Sanders to expound upon his famous Ten Commandments of Investing. Don't miss this thrilling conversation on the suppressed benefits of investing in "intrinsic worth items" such as Silver and Gold (yes, in that order). PREVIEW: David Simpson Interviews Franklin Sanders […]

today02/24/2016 1001

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Going Ed: finding humilty in friendships, family and society

LISTEN LIVE Friday February 18th @ 12 NOON CENTRAL on This week's guest is Ed Morrissey, talk show host and national columnist. You can find his writings at Heritage Foundation, American Spectator, New York Sun, the New York Post, and the Daily Standard . Today, he works full-time as a blogger for Hot and writes a column for The Week. His new book "Going Red" comes out in April. Morrissey […]

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Testimonial: The True Money Show Is A Modern Chesterton

Mandeville, LA - Dear David, I recently started listening to your show regularly and I thoroughly enjoy it--thank you. I look forward to listening to more. As a diehard Chestertonian and distributist, I'm always looking for an alternate voice telling the truth about the money system. God love you, Anthony M. Piferrer Ocala, FL

today02/18/2016 21

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Michale Graves’ human condition — punk, politics, fatherhood and God

LISTEN LIVE Friday February 12th @ 12 NOON CENTRAL on CLICK HERE TO LISTEN Michale Graves former lead singer of the legendary punk rock band 'Misfits' sits down with Kurt Wallace to discuss his journey from the internal conflicts of fame -- how walking away from the band put him on an path to a unexpected and fulfilling life. He explains what happened in joining the US Marines, how […]

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Meet Our Advertisers: Introducing Buck Steel Buildings

Mandeville, LA - Here at the Veritas Radio Network, we are building the future of talk-radio, meanwhile our friends at Buck Steel are building the future of steel buildings. did you know that erecting a steel building can be done for 1/2 the cost of traditional brick and mortar buildings? Speaking of traditional, Buck Steel is a family owned and operated business with over 3 decades of experience making and […]

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Meet Our Advertisers: The Humility of Heart Book From Founding Father Films Publishing

Mandeville, LA - The Founders Tradin' Post is proud to announce our edition of Humility of Heart and our advertising partnership with The Veritas Radio Network. Hardback version, 1st edition with beautiful dust jacket featuring “The Visitation” painting by Albertinni (1503) written by Father Gaetano Mary de Bergamo, English Translation by Herbert Cardinal Vaughan and Frederick Michael Augustine Mary Church READ THE FREE PREVIEW CHAPTER! Humility_Lessons_DIGITAL_OPTIMIZED_PREVIEW Edited with additional English translations by […]

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Meet Our Advertisers: Bulldog Kia

Mandeville, LA - The title sponsor of the CRUSADE Channel Home Studios is Bulldog KIA of Athen, GA. BullDog KIA has sold Mike Church and his wife their last 4 vehicles and Mike enthusiastically endorses BullDog KIA and has since 2013. Visit Bulldog KIA's website or call them today at 855-BULLDOG and make sure you tell them the KingDude sent you! We'll see ya, at Bulldog KIA!

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Exclusive: Reggie Hayes says, ‘Girlfriends’ allowed me to “stop apologizing for myself”

LISTEN LIVE Friday February 5th @ 12 NOON CENTRAL on The Flow with Kurt Wallace brings you Reggie Hayes actor, screenwriter, and director. He is best known for his role as William Dent on the UPN/CW show, Girlfriends, also, Being John Malkovich, Charlies Angels and Carter High. Hayes sits down with Wallace to discuss his life growing up in Chicago, his parents dying at an early age and the powerful influence his community […]

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How To Listen

Win A FREE, Grace Digital, MONDO Radio And Listen To CRUSADE at Home or Work!

Mandeville, LA - David Simpson has the awesome idea to win over reticent, Mike Church Show Fan Page listeners who will not adapt to new radio technology: GIVE THEM A N INTERNET RADIO! Pre-Programmed with the The Veritas Radio Network's Crusade Channel as PRESET 1. All that is required to win is to become a Founders Pass Member! There will be 1 drawing per months so if you become a […]

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Sunday Sermons With Steve Cunningham

What:  Weekly Themed 8hour Rotation of Sermons When: Every Sunday Who: Steve Cunningham life long Catholic and near professional Apostle of The Church. Mike Church says of Steve. "Steve is the most knowledgeable, not ordained man I have ever met, he's witty and engaging too!" Priests call Steve for answers to questions they have.   Bio -

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