Caroline Farrow – Unleashed! What Happens When You Oppose The Trans Mermaids & Their PoPo Militia

Written by on 03/26/2019

“Susie Green needs to stop the harassment of those who disagree with her and stop using the police as her personal militia when they do so.” – Caroline Farrow

Special Guest Caroline Farrow

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HEADLINE: A Franker Gender Debate by Madeleine Kearns

  • Caroline explains the original call from PC ___ from Gilford Police Station.
  • In the UK when you are interviewed under caution, you are the suspect. A crime has allegedly been committed. You are advised to have a lawyer with you b/c they want you to incriminate yourself in this interview.
  • So you should prepare a statement, read it and move on.
  • It is a balancing act really.
  • I felt I was being accused of something I didn’t do.
  • Twitter is really onto of misgendering people.
  • If you get a ‘caution’ on your record you aren’t eligible for the US Visa. We are put on a no-fly list.
  • I didn’t want the public defender b/c they tend to push you to take the caution and be done with it.
  • I didn’t want a criminal record!
  • At this same time I am being stalked by this deranged mad man when I spoke out about Alfie Evans.
  • He had been writing for months and months about me in a blog!
  • This man has some demonic stuff happening with him.
  • This is grounds for a restraining order in the US.
  • This is basically extortion what he was doing!
  • He was posting like 50 times a day. He wrote my name out in one post 100 times just over and over.
  • I reported this at the end of October then didn’t interview him until January.

HEADLINE: Hounded by the thought police: How hate crime officers came knocking at the door of a devout Catholic who had misgendered a trans woman, but when she told them vile trolls had then threatened her family they did next to nothing by Ian Gallagher & Michael Powell

  • She is on video taking her child to Thailand when he was 15 to have this surgery b/c it was illegal in the UK.
  • This was in-fact child abuse.
  • She, Susie Green may have felt this was the proper choice for HER son but her organization Mermaids promotes this at the age of 8 and across the board.
  • 18 month old cannot put on a bra
  • This is what they are claiming.
  • At age 6 how does a child know about a surgery to change their body? The PARENTS are forcing this onto their children.
  • Just because you call yourself a boy, that doesn’t make you one.
  • You are born either a male or female. PERIOD
  • They say TransGirls are just Girls…not they are not. They are boys!
  • Susie Green’s child hasn’t come to his moms defense which I find very strange.
  • Why isn’t this child speaking out about this.
  • @HarryTheOwl
  • These children are going to realize one day what their parents have done to them.
  • They are so messed up mentally, from gender dysphoria to what happens AFTER these surgeries are performed.
  • You clowns cannot stop the knife crime in the UK they want to put GPS trackers in kitchen knives.

Hear Mike’s first interview with Caroline, and his second or perhaps listen to the first installment of the Farrow Files.

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