The Barrett Brief- Deep State Declare War on Texas?

Written by on 09/03/2019

Deep State Declare War on Texas?

Here is what is happening today in the Brief. First, did the Deep State declare war on Texas? We look at the events of this weekend in Odessa, TX. This marks the latest in a string of high profile events in the Lone Star State. Once again Rick breaks down how the laws that were in place did not do anything to prevent this event from happening.

Second, reports say that U.S. unleashes military to fight fake news, disinformation. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency wants custom software that can unearth fake news. At the present time, with a four-year timeline, the next election will have come and gone before the system is operational.

Third, Rick talks about the interesting development in the world of politics. Presently, half Of Americans feel Trump, Biden, Sanders too old to be President. states that shows Americans feel 48 is the ideal age for a presidential candidate.

Also Marvel Just Announced the MCU’s Perfect Spider-Man replacement or did they? Finally, the World Famous “You Gotta Be Kiddin Me” shows the genius of the Welsh.


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