Did El Paso Shooter Randomly Choose “View of Heaven” Shopping Mall? No… – The Mike Church Show

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Mass Shootings – 

  • Are these in-fact “lone wolves”?
  • Why did these mass shootings happen so close together?

Number of Abortions Website

QUESTION: Why is there such a disconnect from respecting life in the womb to respecting life outside the womb?

HEADLINE: Weekend of mass killing reflects how American violence goes viral by Marc Fisher 

  • Most Americans cannot even write a complete sentence but we have these “lone wolves” writing complete manifestos? 
  • Isn’t ammo made in Massachusetts? 
  • El Paso Shooter = Patrick Crusius
  • Islam converts by the sword, Christianity does NOT convert by the gun, sword or any other weapon of harm.
  • The minute you take to violence for the sake of Christianity, you have lost Christianity. 
  • UPDATE on how many abortions – 704 just for today at this moment
  • #ShoutYourAbortion = #IAmAProudKiller
  • AUDIO: August 2016 NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League – DNC Convention was held were? TEXAS

BACK TO HEADLINE: Violence Goes Viral

  Mario Lopez – folded like a fan on his LGBTQ Transgender 3yr old stance.
47m BACK TO HEADLINE: Violence Goes Viral 
52m HEADLINE: Manchurian White Supremacists by Just Nimmo

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 Sin Doesn’t Exist Anymore –

Commandment : Thou Shalt Not Kill 

Civilization in 6 Words – Mike Church speech/talk



 BACK TO HEADLINE: Manchurian White Supremacists

  • ChristChurch is not an accident. This wasn’t an attack on the Muslims, this was an attack on Christ.
  • The couple that died saving their infant in this last shooting.


LIVE – Richard Barrett host of The Barrett Brief

  • Mike Church and Richard Barrett discuss the mass shootings.
  • The White Supremacists narrative will not go away. They will continue to use it until it sticks. 
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Special Guest Matt Gaspers editor at Catholic Family News –

Follow Matt Gaspers here: @MattGaspers @cathfamilynews

The Church of the Sacred Heart

  • Mother Mary is happy to give you trouble in spades when you ask her for trouble to save souls.
  • Catholic Media – 

HEADLINE: SSPX Responds to Church Militant Accusations by Catholic Family News


  • There is no reason we as Catholics, cannot have an adult discussion on things that we disagree on.
  • Father James McLucas – fact checking.
  • CM failed to mention the following – settlement confidentiality agreement w/ one young lady he was concealing with an eating disorder. This was settled outside of court.
  • Father then sued her b/c she broke that agreement. These are simply accusations. The man has never been found guilty of these allegations. 
  • CM just assumed he was guilty b/c of the settlement.
  • All I did was point this little fact out.
  • We cannot automatically assume a persons guilt w/o due process.
  • We are NOT initiating these attacks, we are just responding to them.
  • I want true reporting. I want the absolute truth to be posted especially about our Catholic Priests.


 HEADLINE: The United States Is Not a Nation: The Problem with “National Conservatism” by Allen Mendenhall

  • SHOW NOTE: Allen Mendenhall will be a guest on tomorrows show



  • Hate has no place in America.
  • Domestic Terrorism
  • Perils of Social Media
  • Open wounds cannot heal – we must come together in a bipartisan manner
  • Extreme Risk Protection Orders 

A Call To Arms: Join Me In The Confraternity of The CRUSADER Knights of The Most Holy Rosary

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Written by: Corey Clark

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