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Today is our 3 Year Anniversary!

  • There is a turn of events happening over these last 3 years. We have men calling themselves Crusaders and Knights and Warriors.
  • Tom Sullivan is the designer of the Sword/Crucifix.
  • David Simpson is in studio – most people want the world to change NOW. They don’t like to wait for things.
  • Crusader Warrior Rosaries – I only knew about this from the Catholic Identity Conference.



HEADLINE: Bolshevising Queering Science by Rod Dreher

  • Academia is no longer a safe place to be if you’re a traditional Christian, or even if you just hold mainstream views on sexuality from a mere ten years ago. 
  • What business does the government have telling us if we are male or female?
  • This is just ridiculous.
  • You either have a penis or you don’t. Period, end of story.
  • The TFP Traditional Marriage in Amsterdam – It is going to take bravery and fortitude to fight this fight.
  • There is no doubt we will lose jobs, we will be persecuted for our beliefs but you must keep fighting.

HEADLINE: The Dangers of Scientism by Brother Francis Maluf, M.I.C.M (December 1946)

  • Brother Francis was talking about Scientism in it’s hay day.
  • Now they internalize it. You just have to take their “word” for it. There is no proof of what they believe or say.


  • This tradition is protected, and will always be secure, only in the shadow of the Catholic Church. Here is another confirmation of Christ’s promises, where he says: Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His justice, and all these things will be added unto you.
  • We are descending into animalistic ways.
  • We are becoming virtual demons, hating each other just for being.

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Caller Ashley from Florida –

  • Going through the process now to become Catholic.
  • Should be confirmed at Easter
  • This process has not been easy by any means.
  • My husband is “happy” for me but it has been quite a struggle.
  • My husband is going in the opposite direction. He is now questioning wether there is a God or not now.
  • He was the listener that got Ashley listening.
  • The struggle is probably much deeper with him. He needs lots of prayers.
  • My mom is in the process of getting her marriage annulled. They were actually never married in the Catholic Church.
  • So hopefully I am bringing a few souls with me.
  • Literary Converts – book by Joseph Pearce

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David Simpson and Mike Church talk Gold and Silver –

  • Gold and Silver always comes back.
  • Malinvestment – Ron Paul
  • Huge dislocation where money should go, and how it goes.
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Caller Doug from Chicago –

  • I was the very first caller 3 years ago!
  • Wishing you many many more.
  • 1st caller EVER!!
  • We started with a pool of fans and now we have a pool of family.
  • We have become a close little community.
  • I want to go against the economy.


Caller Gadsden from Illinois –

  • Didn’t call the last anniversary because I was traveling.
  • I have not missed a day since the old station in the old country.
  • December 2011 – bought a car and found you on Sirius/XM


Caller 53Ford Truck from Michigan –

  • I actually do have a 53 Ford Truck.
  • The last year they had flatheads in them.


Special Guest Gregory Carpenter host of The Reverse Deception –

  • The banks don’t have real money anyway.



Caller Andrew from Louisiana –

  • Heard you on the phone with Christopher Ferrara and that is when I said you wouldn’t last long on Sirius/XM.
  • I called the wife and told her you would be fired soon.
Caller Mr. Mundy with Mundy Farms – talks about the Turkey Auctions

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Mike Ziants the voice of Veritas Radio Network is in studio D –


Caller Heather from Massachusetts  –

Back to Michael Ziants –

  • Discusses the book he just finished with Steve Scalise.
  • He was shot on President Trumps birthday.
  • He and Melanie actually showed up in the hospital.
  • He had a difficult time reading it as he had to relive the whole thing.
  • THE BIG NEWS – huge new book coming up written by James Patterson The Chef

A Call To Arms: Join Me In The Confraternity of The CRUSADER Knights of The Most Holy Rosary

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