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Written by on 12/19/2018

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Special Guest Brother Andre Marie host of ReConquest

  • Ember Day – one meal with meat is okay in the new rules.
  • Ember Week in Advent – they used to be in preparation for something.
  • Ember day is the sanctify the 4 seasons and the prepare for ordinations.
  • Today’s Gospel – focuses on preparing us for Our Lords birth.

HEADLINE: Bishop Robert Barron Has Misled Ben Shapiro by Erick Ybarra

  • You cannot just immediately Baptize someone, they have to be Catechized.
  • Vatican II is very vague on everything so to use this in every answer is ridiculous.
  • If you take away “Vatican II” and insert “my opinion” is…then he did speak heresy.
  • Bishop Barron either lied or misspoke when he said an atheist of good will can go to Heaven.
  • He himself is saying this, he says this atheist can be saved and he mentions NOTHING about accepting the faith.
  • You cannot enter Heaven without accepting the faith.
  • We aren’t privileged we all need the same thing. We all need Jesus Christ.
  • Bishop Barron twice speaks of Christ as the “privileged” route to salvation! THAT IS HORRIBLE!!!
  • He said several times according to Vatican II a “person of good conscious” _______
  • “Good Will” is something you prove by doing the “good”.
  • Nature alone doesn’t save! You need the supernatural to enter Heaven.
  • Ben Shapiro needs Jesus Christ,
  • This is what I would say to Ben Shapiro –
  • If he were to convert, being optimistic, we would get another Saint Paul.
  • The Queen of Heaven is a little Jewish girl.
  • The Jews don’t have a monopoly – we don’t exclude Jewish people. We WANT them in the Church. The TRUE Church.

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    HEADLINE: Bishop Robert Barron Has Misled Ben Shapiro by Erick Ybarra

    • He gets pretty beat up in his own comment section, I stopped reading them.
    • How many Popes were Benediction?
    • The Pope has the highest office in the World but it is the most limited.
    • He isn’t allowed to tamper with much.
    • The Pope essentially bound himself to tradition. This oath was used for hundreds of years.
    • He has basically criticized every single one of his predecessors. This is incredibly unjust to those that sat in the Chair of Peter before him. 
    • He was preaching to the choir but he is doing it as the Vicar of Christ.

    HEADLINE: Sawing off the branch on which he sits: Experts question Francis attack on popes over death penalty by Diane Montagna

    • We live a mixed life here.
    • There is a need for a new, larger, more energetic, apostolic mission.

    BACK TO HEADLINE: Study shows young adults leaving church start down that path at age 13 by Nicholas Wolfram Smith

    • These young people by and large are NOT being presented with the actual Faith.
    • There is a deeper scandal that lead to the sexual scandal.
    • I have heard that at least 50% of the clergy are homosexuals. This is from a very trustworthy Priest.
    • This sexual problem came after they stopped being Spiritual Fathers and became buggers.
    • Why would you want the woman who held Our Lord in her womb for months, why wouldn’t you want her to be held in high esteem?
    • Protestantism doesn’t have the Mass. The highest form has always been sacrifice.
    • Christ comes as the perfect High Priest.
    • Mother Mary – She accepted this for the rest of her life. She surrendered her entire life.
    • St. Joseph – was a “just” man
    • Giving us sex without procreation.
    • When you do this, know this women…when you say this you reduce yourself to the status of a prostitute. You say sex is not about procreation it becomes only about pleasure therefore you have put yourself to the status of prostitute.
    • There is a deeper causality here.
    • Tonight’s ReConquest Dr. David P. Lang “Why Matter Matters” is his new book.

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