Carrie Gress Author of “The Anti-Mary Exposed” Interview With Mike Church – The Mike Church Show

Written by on 02/13/2019

Mandeville, LA

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Special Guest Carrie Gress – author of The Marian Option, and her NEW book The Anti-Mary Exposed

  • We have been talking since 2016.
  • Not only have I forgiven and forgotten but I have my pen and paper as I always do b/c I actually learn so much from interviews with you.
  • Richard Payne – makes movies for ETWN. They made the Wolf in Sheeps Clothing
  • NEW book excerpt –
  • Women are being attacked. They are being told to cheat on their husbands. They are told that children are burdens.
  • Working with Ann Coulter – she has actually started to loathe these unending wars.
  • Some of this new book The Anti-Mary Exposed is in the Marian Option.
  • I have been working on this book for a few years now.
  • Part II – The Big Lie Changing Human Nature
  • I wrote an article about the transgender stuff.
  • Our Lady of Fatima and the areas of Russia, recognizing what they were doing with communism was transforming human nature.
  • Abortions were abundant in Russia. One woman had 80 abortions during Communism.
  • When you destroy motherhood, you also destroy fatherhood. Both of these are necessary for humanity.
  • This ideal of the woman and that women know best. #BelieveHer
  • Has it occurred to you or your husband that Mary has chosen you for this very special task of defending our culture and Her?
  • Our dignity as women comes from Christ but it flourishes through Her!
  • You have never seen another religion that holds women in such high esteem!
  • Women can’t figure out why their relationships aren’t working and why they can’t keep a man in their lives.
  • Their lives would change significantly if they would accept compassion and forgiveness and other aspects that men want to give to women.
  • What do all women want?  To Be Loved, To Do Good and To Be Beautiful.
  • Already in its second printing and it hasn’t hit the bookstores yet!
  • Get your copy of Carrie’s NEW book The Anti-Mary Exposed in the Founders Tradin’ Post. (like most books in the FTP, this book is signed by the author)

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