Chris Ferrara Interview With Mike Church and Richard Barrett – 011018

Written by on 10/01/2018

Mandeville, LA

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Chris Ferrara on #BlaseyFord‘s tale. “Her own conflicting versions of the events show a devastating contradiction. In written account she ran out the house then WENT HOME. In Senate version she ran out of the house – The End. She couldn’t go back in the house because the two “rapists” are in there & allegedly so is her friend; so what did she do? Assuming her friend [Leland] brought her there but has no recollection of the event-SHE couldn’t have brought her home & Ford has no memory of how she was rescued/brought home? Why? b/c It never happened. This leaves 1 of 2 possibilities either she can’t remember the most important part of her story, the heroic rescue, because there wasn’t one or more likely, none of this ever happened and she made it up; either way either she lied in written testimony or at the Senate hearing – the whole thing is a lie.” – Audio is coming from today’s Richard Barrett show on The CRUSADE Channel!

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