Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Guardian Angels But Catholic Bigots On Twitter Made You Afraid To Ask!

Written by on 10/02/2019

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HEADLINE: The Holy Guardian Angels by the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart

  • We have one NATURE but two aspects: 1) Spirit and 2) Corporal 
  • The angel has a nature. When you understand their nature, you will understand more about the guardian angel.
  • What is an angel exactly? – There are 9 to be precise. 
  • Visible and Invisible – it is in the creed
  • The angelic nature – each angel is a complete substance. 
  • Our soul is spiritual b/c we have intellect and will.
  • They have intellect and will but no bodies. 
  • At the Resurrection of Our Lord – that is a miracle for two reasons. 1) the angel give an appearance of having a true body. 2) the resurrection 
  • We learn through our senses as humans for the angles it is completely different.
  • FROM THE MIKE CHURCH SHOW CHATROOM: ”You shall not add to the word that I command you, nor take from it, that you may keep the commandments of the Lord your God that I command you.” Deuteronomy 4:2
  • Mother Angelica used to have a rosary devotion to the Guardian Angel.
  • Jesse Romero – death penalty from the other day – PhD in angelology or an StD an ecclesiastical doctorate. 
  • Angelology – it is a valid science w/in the theologies. 

HEADLINE: All Angels Were Not Created Equal by Brian Kelly

  • Thou shalt not tempt the Lord our God. – 
  • Even the devil himself had to acknowledge the help angels give to humans.
  • At the arrest of Our Lord, we don’t see angels here at least not in the human manifestation.
  • St. Joseph is called the Terror of Demons for a reason
  • Angels – by way of operation, they aren’t present in a place b/c they aren’t material but they are ALWAYS in Heaven.
  • Mike reads from Dom Prosper – Guardian Angels
  • the Office of the Guardian Angel
  • Angels always say “Fear Not” when appearing to humans. Why do you think this is?
  • This isn’t a laughing matter or to be treated lightly. 
  • They are superior to us as humans. They are not distracted by human things. 
  • The Eucharist is called the “bread of angels” – the angels however cannot receive Holy Eucharist. That is the ONE time the angels envy us is when we receive the Eucharist.
  • Mother Mary is superior to the angels as stated in the Litany.
  • The Queen of Angels – the angels recognize this, so why don’t we as humans?
  • Feast for when he received the stigmata.
  • Multiple feast days for certain saints. 
  • October 3rd – 
  • It’s A Wonderful Life – when we die whether we go to heaven or hell, we are distinct from the angels there.

HEADLINE: Catholics Who Love The Latin Mass Need To Get Better At Loving Their Neighbors, Too by Auguste Meyrat

  • Some of these concerns are valid. We have to do this very carefully though. You don’t want to justify something someone is objecting to b/c they are obnoxious.
  • It isn’t just to refer to these people as gnostic. 
  • The Vatican is a hill! We don’t distrust the Vatican, we distrust the people that are holding offices in the Vatican that Catholics look up and search for leadership.
  • I don’t make the distinction b/w traditional an novus ordo catholic. This isn’t a Masonic lodge. Once baptized you are Catholic.
  • You cannot be a prochoice Catholic.
  • We should always proportion our reaction as to what the THING is.
  • Grasp the thing and the words will follow.
  • I come from a group that is constantly demonized.

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