Fr John Perricone of the Rosary Coast to Coast Interview – The Mike Church Show – 051018

Written by on 10/05/2018

Special Guest Father Perricone – Ph.D is an adjunct professor of philosophy at Iona College in New Rochelle, New York.

  • Clearly evident they are grasping at straws. It appears reason doesn’t matter anymore to the people on the left. Reason has just gone to the wayside. Look at our Universities.
  • The biggest assault on the Church from within we have ever witnessed. Yet this has not stopped its conversions.
  • This shows the Holy Spirit is in charge.
  • The power of the Catholic Church is in the blood of martyrs.
  • I am invited to speak across the country to parishes that are BOOMING! Young families, so many altar servers they cannot train them all.
  • This is what we need to look at and be thankful for. This is the fruit of the Holy Spirit.
  • We are the Mystical Body of Christ.
  • 5 Deaths of the Catholic Churches – the Church seems to RISE again even more Glorious than before.
  • That is 50 folks! Looks like he is going to pass on through.
  • The Memorae – it plainly states it
  • When you get men in your classes – I have been a Priest for 42 years and I am humbled everyday how the teachers of the Church revitalizes their lives.
  • God lets me see this happen to men on a daily basis. Joe M and much younger 65 men will be attending this retreat.
  • These men have eaten at the trough of secularist culture and they find Our Lord and come to Him.
  • The humility of God that he chooses children to do this.
  • That is how He uses His humility. Bernadette, Maria Goretti
  • To bring good out of Evil. David and Goliath
  • All in the Old and the New Testament – Protestants should just look at the Divine works of the Catholic Church.
  • Marian Consecration – why is this important and why you should go to Mary with your troubles.
  • 17th Century – Sacred Heart of Jesus look at my heart (no one knew her, she was completely hidden from the world) St Margaret Mary
  • 9 First Fridays – to the Sacred Heart of Jesus The more I am loved and honored, the more I will bless them.
  • Where will you be on Sunday for the Rosary Coast to Coast – saying Traditional Mass in New Jersey.
  • This Sunday is a big day. Spiritual Plutonium bombs going off with all of these Rosaries!
  • I don’t have any of that FB stuff or Twitter stuff. You can just reach me by the articles I write.
  • Father John Perricone gives the Crusade Listeners a final blessing.

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