HIGHLIGHT – Br Andre Marie of the Saint Benedict Center Visits the Mike Church Show – Wisdom Wednesday

Written by on 10/24/2018

Mandeville, LA

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Special Guest Brother Andre Marie host of ReConquest

Hugh Owen – Father Robinson is an evolutionist!

  • Kolbe Center wrote a response to this.
  • Most Protestants would agree with the Nicene Creed to a point, but they don’t believe it all.
  • Most Protestants would profess that.
  • What does a sacristan do?

Book : The Realist Guide to Religion and Science by Paul Robinson

  • All of the Fathers assumed the literal sense of 11 chapters of Genesis.
  • No one in the Church before Darwin that Adam and Eve were a product of evolution.
  • Discussion of a woodpecker physical aspects vs other birds.
  • All of these things would have had to evolve simultaneously! Can you explain that?
  • The mathematically likelihood of this happening is 0.0.
  • The Church is NOT anti-science!

BOOK : Genesis According To The Saints edited by Daniel M Clough

  • It doesn’t have every single answers that humans can pose but it does for all the important questions. Existential and Moral questions…absolutely!
  • They are selectively listening to a group of people they selected. It is a dangerous echo chamber.
  • I can’t recall a time since my confirmation in 1991 that is as publicly exposed as he is today.
  • Once you start messing with the fundamental teachings of Holy Mother Church, what’s next?
  • Contraception – in modern days it comes from the same filthy spawn of Henry the 8th.

ReConquest Episode 150: Canonizations Infallible or Not?

Bread of Life book –

Two Powerful Points I gained from the beginning of this book: this is straight apologetics right here!

  • This explanation is as good as it gets!
  • It is a life altering book, it changed my life. It made a huge difference for me in my life. Father Feeney was a poet and his gift for words is on display in this book. It makes you realize the incarnate nature of Christianity. You can’t have an order of things with their being sacraments, Bishops and Priests.
  • Harvard Suicides and Father Feeney tells the Dean of Harvard – “What do you expect them to do when you just told them they were dependents of monkeys?!”

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