HIGHLIGHT – Michael Hichborn: Smiling Young Men, The Worst a Man Can Be

Written by on 01/23/2019

Mandeville, LA

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 Special Guest Michael Hichborn

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  • Southern Virginia
  • The Archdiocese of Baltimore issued a statement Sunday also condemning the boys.
  • What was the song Nathan Phillips was chanting? AIM American Indian Movement Song
  • It is a protest FIGHT/BATTLE cry!
  • This is NOT a peaceful prayer song.
  • You can see very clearly that one of Nathan Phillips companions starts to film right in Nicholas Sandmans face and shouting at the other students telling them to go back to Europe.
  • “What we have is a case of Politicians playing at Bishops!” – Michael Hichborn
  • Look at those MAGA hats, that then became the focal point.
  • I don’t want to call them the left or anti-Christian sides.
  • I will separate the lambs from the goats.
  • “I will set the just on the Right”
  • The lance entered from his right side and there is where the blood flowed.
  • Researching what it takes to condemn someone on heresy.
  • We have to be very careful about how we word things so we are looking at around 2 months.
  • Nancy Pelosi and getting her excommunicated – they should definitely be denied Holy Communion.
  • Canon Law is VERY clear on that matter. That is the true canonical process anyway so that is the update.
  • Where has virtue gone? We do not practice virtue any longer.
  • Fox News is out at Covington Catholic School with the American Indians hosting a peaceful rally outside.
  • That’s it…I’m done!

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