HIGHLIGHT – The Mike Church Show Beverly Stevens Interview

Written by on 01/24/2019

Mandeville, LA

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Special Guest Beverly Stevens founder of Regina Magazine

  • The unbelievable act of leadership. They are proving themselves to be incompetent.
  • You have to have skills to be in charge of people…apparently you don’t need any to be a Bishop.
  • We have such a sorry lot in Bishop Mitres these days.
  • 1981 right after college I was working for the Democratic Party. I stepped into this alcove, there was a remarkable conversation going on. This was about the abortion vote.
  • There is something else going on here that is much more tied into the videos.
  • They weren’t doctored etc.
  • I am a banker and I follow the money.
  • Where do you get money to put candidates in office if you are a Democrat?
  • You cannot run an organization on the whims of the Hollywood type.
  • Most polls show people get increasingly nervous as the gestation goes up.
  • MOST NY citizens do not and did not want this to go into effect.
  • So what is truly going on here with this NY bill?
  • This screams corruption.

HEADLINE: A Real Killing: How Greedy Corporate Pushers Caused the Opioid Crisis by Brian Saady

  • This is the next step, you just hit it….genetic engineering via the use of pharmaceuticals.
  • Growing group of Catholic Media to combat these large entities.
  • You should always wait until all the facts are in before you issue ANY type of public response! This is PR 101!
  • Very disturbed that people were planning to say Mass at March for Life..I actually received this in an email.
  • You need to man up, put your big boy pants on and realize we have a bunch of cowardly, old ninnies running our diocese and who are stealing your money!!!!
  • The Laity must stand up and force the clergy responsible for their actions.

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