HIGHLIGHT – The Mike Church Show Interview With Gregory Carpenter a.k.a. 00Junk

Written by on 09/11/2018

Special Guest Gregory Carpenter host of Reverse Deception –

  • Alex Jones situation – we are watching the reanimation of so many different times in history where a voice was silenced.
  • #AllVoicesMatter
  • He can be a little on the edge sometimes but the point is his voice matters just as everyone else does.
  • Limiting content in a very obvious way now.
  • Self-licking ice-cream cones…yup we said it.
  • Are they being honest about the “reason” they have shut Alex Jones down?

HEADLINE: There is No Patriot or Spartacus Here—Just Politics by Peter Van Buren

  • There are ways for officials to honorably dissent, like blowing a whistle, resigning, or penning a protest with your actual name on it.
  • How many lives have been lost and ruined because of our perpetual war mentality?
  • The Day The Earth Stood Still 1951
  • How could this have been done inside the “secure” computer apparatus we believe the government uses? So this was sent by this “anonymous” personal computer.
  • Our CIA can pick up a street walker in Niobe so certainly we can identify who sent a fax or email to the New York Times.
  • This was all planned and staged.
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