How Free Trade Makes Free Traitors – The Pearcing Truth Episode 4

today10/03/2017 6

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Mandeville, LA – The Veritas Radio Network Presents:
THE PEARCING TRUTH– Based uponJoseph Pearce’s best-selling work Small Is Still Beautiful economics as if families mattered available here.

Featuring Joseph Pearce and hosted by Mike Church – EPISODE 4, The Cost of Free Trade.

On this Pearcing Truth show & classroom:

  • Our first question might sound like a riddle but it is a serious question when is free trade actually “free”?
  • Can finite resources like copper actually be conserved by the price mechanism?
  • We’d sure like to see that “invisible hand” at work!
  • We’ll also make some pronouncements on an age old question: does material wealth actually buy happiness or does it just buy things like, say, the Presidency?

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Written by: MikeChurch