Laurie Calhoun Author of ‘We Kill Because we Can” Interview on the Mike Church Show – 171218

Written by on 12/17/2018

Mandeville, LA

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Special Guest Laurie Calhoun author of We Kill Because We Can

  • Saudi campaign – attempting to close the port down.
  • If you do this, then who is getting the aid?
  • The destroyed water treatment facilities. This led to a huge Cholera epidemic.
  • I fear this is a prelude to something much worse.
  • Americans have very short memories, we still ask “Why do they hate us?”
  • All you had to do was listen to Osama Bin Laden. He told us exactly WHY they hated us.
  • This is what is called Blow Back!
  • Some people will get angry at what we are saying here but it must be said.
  • “They are just carrying out orders.”
  • These politicians campaign on PEACE, Obama did the same thing, he was supposed to bring us Hope and Change instead he created thousands of MICRO-WARS.
  • We now have a black slave labor force in Libya because of Obama in conjunction with Hillary Clinton.
  • They all end up reaving up the killing machine.
  • 1991 Gulf War, everything in the middle east, it is hard to see how people can still hold these beliefs.
  • Why should you be allowed to do this type of killing from a trailer in Arizona?
  • There will be fewer and fewer boots on the ground and more of these drone killings.
  • 22 veterans are killing themselves each day!
  • No one will talk to these vets when they come back, they just want to give them pills and send them off. THIS is why the suicide rate is so very high.
  • People are afraid to meet in groups because we have destroyed people attending weddings because we didn’t have good intel on what was going on.
  • Our intelligence is BRIBED INFORMATION on the ground. These informants make up information because they are so poor they need the money! THIS is what we are using to KILL people!
  • WE have to take a serious look at how we get information.
  • We are the judge, jury and executioner…and historian because they get the last word. They can say, they were a terrorist and that’s the end of the story. This is how Totalitarianism begins!!!!
  • We need people to tell the truth because the media is just not doing it.

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