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Written by on 02/14/2019

Mandeville, LA

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Special Guest Matt Gaspers – Catholic Family News

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  • Happy St. Valentine’s Day
  • This isn’t about clericalism it is about sodomy.
  • They continue to blame this scandal on anything and everything BUT homosexuality.
  • February 21st-24th St Peter Damian – Gomorrah in the Novus Ordo calendar Traditional Feb 23rd
  • Hostility to Tradition will be featured in all the talks.

HEADLINE: The Curious Case of Fr. Edwin Dwyer is a Lesson for U.S. Catholics

  • We have Novus Ordo churches that use drones to fly in the “gifts” but this Priest wanted to use incense and he GONG.
  • “The New Mass 50 Years of Problems” – Conference Title
  • Volume #29 now – you can actually order this and it has pictures!
  • Mike tells story of Maggie O’Connell attending her local Novus Ordo Mass.
  • The Message of Fatima –
  • The new Mass and the problems associated with it.
  • Quote from Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli later became Pope Pius XII
  • Liturgical Movement – it was infiltrated
  • BACK to the Quote –
  • Catholic Family News
  • Annual Conference in Chicago – sign up for the conference here
  • Fatherhood In The Domestic Church

HEADLINE: BREAKING: School investigation clears Covington boys of wrongdoing in March for Life standoff by Calvin Freiburger

  • DUH! This is only in response of legal papers being delivered to them.
  • Talk about the need for strong fatherhood. There is a lack out here in the homes and in our Churches and schools.
  • Follow Matt Gaspers on Twitter and through his website, see him at the conference in May 3rd-5th in Chicago

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