Memo To Lukewarm Ninnies: Stop Leaving Evangelizing The Faith To Religious – The Mike Church Show & Br Andre Marie

Written by on 10/03/2018

Mandeville, LA

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 Special Guest Brother Andre Marie host of ReConquest –

  • Down Syndrome children – story on pilgrimage
  • A Down Syndrome child’s father – “he is a shot of love inserted into our family”
  • Fanatical Muslim group in Nigeria – they are killing people, especially Priests every day.
  • Please pray for Father Evaristus as he makes his way to Nigeria.
  • Building a new Church in Nigeria so please pray for his safety and wellbeing and all the parishioners.
  • Father Vanderputten wears cowboy boots with a cassock, helped to finish up the roof of this new Church in Nigeria.
  • Brother Andre Marie tells story about Father Evaristus and his time in Loyola Chicago Seminary. What saved his Priesthood was encountering the Traditional Latin Mass. As soon as he started saying the Latin Mass, his Priesthood was fully restored.
  • Joe Doyle – can speak while inhaling! He will be speaking next weekend at the St. Benedict Center.
  • The moral divide – they all have in common the one tragic and fatal flaw. MAN HAS NO DUTY TO FOLLOW AND HONOR GOD’S RIGHTS.
  • You don’t have people spontaneously attracted to “good”.
  • This invites the MOB mentality.
  • There is no moral consensus which is the problem with society now.
  • Ask the Swedish people how awesome pluralism is.
  • The Playboys and the feminists have been in the same bed for a long time, now that has been reversed.
  • There is almost a witch-hunt against men now.
  • If you practice Christian Virtue you don’t have to worry about rape. You would never be put in a situation where that could occur.
  • Story of Catholic School Rivalries in the 90’s
  • I would hear on Monday mornings their weekend escapades. The fact they went to Catholic schools meant nothing to them.
  • There is basically NO MORAL authority now.
  • New movie in Poland – Polish word for clergy ‘KLER’. Apparently it is smashing records and it is all about the corruption in the Church.
  • We have a duty to support those pockets of resistance.
  • No one could believe a “human” had that kind of strength in them.
  • The word Martyr means WITNESS
  • Tradition is good for you : FASTING – lemonade fast of some sort says Spring is the best time to do it….same time LENT is go figure.
  • Fast being salutary for both Body and Soul.
  • Fasting is proven to be medically good for you!
  • Religion is not reserved for just the Priests.
  • Considerations About Music – Episode 148 ‘The Role of Music in the Good Life’ Society of St. Pius X district

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