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Written by on 02/05/2019

Mandeville, LA  – Special Guest Michael Hichborn – founder of the Lepanto Institute

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Special Guest Michael Hichborn – founder of the Lepanto Institute

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  • Today is Michael Hichborn’s Birthday!
  • Feast of St. Agatha – my day started with Mass here at my home!
  • For the first time I could truly say, “Lord I am not worthy you should enter under my roof.”
  • Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar – one of my favorite radio dramas
  • Ralph Shearer Northam
  • My thought process on why this all of the sudden came out now.
  • Who stands to benefit if he quits or resigns?
  • Where is the “I Stand With Her” crowd?
  • Northam being an extreme racists…then the up and coming is a black man that is called a rapists!
  • The Black Face from the 80’s, we weren’t living in the climate we are today.
  • Opposition Research had this image long ago. Why did they release it now?
  • When you start down this road, you are going to have skeletons in your closet.
  • It is something that we will all have to deal with at some point – Mike’s Story
  • Life is very finite and we should all make sure we are right with God.

When I die:

1. TLM Requiem Mass

2. Do NOT say “God gained another angel.” He didn’t.

3. Do NOT prematurely canonize me. If it’s meant to be, I’ll communicate via miracles.

4. Absolutely zero (I repeat, ZERO) eulogies.

5. Pray for my soul.

6. I’ll leave $ for a decent schola

  • When you are a vacation, you always keep your eyes on where you are going. You are less likely to get lost. If you keep your eyes on the prize…Heaven, you are less likely to trip up and/or fall.
  • Everyone is so distracted by the latest gadget, news and sports.

HEADLINE: Longing for Life Everlasting by Brother Andre Marie

  • The Four Last Things by Martin von Cochem 1634-1712
  • St. Agatha stripped of her garments to ‘shame’ her. The Church is going through the same situation today.
  • Unveiling = Apocalypse
  • Who is veiled? A Bride, vestments are…things that are Holy are veiled.
  • This is very clearly what we are undergoing now.
  • St. Joan was burned at the steak, burned alive. After she burned alive and her still bleeding heart was untouched by the flames. It was then thrown in the river.
  • If the Church is being burned, then maybe the still bleeding heart of the Church will be untouched by the flames.

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