Michael Hichborn Interview With Mike Church December 11th 2018

Written by on 12/11/2018

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Special Guest Michael Hichborn founder of the Lepanto Institute

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New report out on Caritas Sweden –

HEADLINE: Caritas Sweden Funds and is Member of Pro-Abortion Organizations by Michael Hichborn

  • So there are many Caritas organizations like Caritas Australia, Caritas Sweden, Catholic Relief Services here in the US. they are run out of National Bishops Conferences.
  • The reach of the organization is based on its income so the U.S. has the largest of course.
  • If you are handed a command and you go, this is not a legitimate command of a Just War, you would then properly refuse that order.
  • The Catholic faithful are coming to a time where we are going to be told you MUST do something that is going to contravene Church teachings what are you going to do?
  • You will have to ignore the order. Not even the Pope has the authority to issue a immoral or contrary to Church teachings so you have to absolutely ignore it.
  • This sends the wrong message. I beg of him not to touch the Our Father.
  • These are words that Jesus Himself gave us. God himself dictated this! It is in the Greek, Aramaic, Latin…so he would be wrong. All 3 languages are very clear about LEAD US NOT INTO TEMPTATION.
  • The 2nd Vatican Council – the nature of little temptations that we endure to carry on through the course of the day to be strengthened when hit with bigger temptations.
  • The fact we are arguing over a line in the Our Father – a) it is forcing Catholics to choose a side without really researching it b) or it is forcing Catholics to dive deeper into why things are the way they are etc.
  • We got the Creed out of the Council of Nicaea.
  • Mike reads from the Liturgical Year book – Book of Isaiah – I could just wipe you out but I’m not going to do it. I’m going to take my son and give him human form to teach you by example.
  • They manipulated the data to give the appearance that one thing can change to another when it absolutely can’t.
  • If animal can become a rational being, then we are all on the path to becoming a cosmic evolutionary Christ.
  • AUDIO/VIDEO from Sensus Fidelium – Exposing the Doppelgänger “Cosmic Christ”
  • Immigration and Open Borders – lets face it, Heaven has gates and a very strict immigration policy. Hell has open borders!
  • The Earth was made for US! It wasn’t out of chance and happenstance. This is why all the elements function the way they do…to benefit us.
  • Hichborn story as a kid – we can do what you do God. We can make a man out of mud of the Earth. God says, go ahead make a person. The scientists started taking dirt to make a man and God says, what are you doing? No No No, go make your own dirt!

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