Michael Hichborn Interview With Mike Church – The Mike Church Show 220918

Written by on 10/22/2018

Mandeville, La


Special Guest Michael Hichborn founder of the Lepanto Institute

HEADLINE: San Diego gay church worker resigns after months of harassment by Dan Morris-Young

  • He is claiming the Lepanto Institute has harassed him to the point he has to quit because he fears for his life.
  • He is claiming his tires are being slashed and he has been receiving death threats. Well, where are the images of these things? Where is the proof of this?
  • They have no clue what Church Militant actually means.
  • They believe this is an organization that sets out to do physical harm. That is how crazy they are.
  • The White Pages published his address, it is public information. Also the photos we republished were already published on his own social media page.
  • Charles Coulombe wrote a forward to this book that truly explains Father Feeney and the issues he faced.
  • Father Feeney – funny weird connection Father Feeney was initially condemned by Cardinal White, and he has a connection to Cardinal Weurl.
  • Why won’t the Bishops and higher ups not condemn Father James Martin?
  • This man mocks our Church and he is allowed to speak in the Church.
  • He is being applauded for doing exactly the opposite of Gods teachings.
  • If you throw a Molotov cocktail at a Catholic Church, that’s gonna’ make the news. But there is NO proof that this happened.
  • He is calling us here at the Lepanto Institute a hate group!
  • What are we trying to conserve here?
  • They do not actually believe in the Churches teachings.
  • All they are actually doing is moving the goal post and saying WE moved but we didn’t.
  • Michael Voris is in Rome and will be LIVE tomorrow so we will do a 3 way conversation tomorrow. All the heavy hitters!
  • Michael Voris said he could just feel a difference in Rome this go around. He said something just isn’t right. It is so wrong you can actually feel it.
  • Michael Hichborn and Mike Church discuss the Gosnell Movie

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