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Written by on 12/18/2018

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Special Guest Michael Hichborn founder of the Lepanto Institute


  • The information was sent by someone who tried to change things from the inside, got nowhere.
  • This person sent me photographs of things going on with that campus.
  • So I decided to look into this and found all sorts of professors that were teaching some very horrific things.
  • Marian University –


  • This stuff isn’t abating, it is only getting worse.
  • This all started at Notre Dame. It was one of the first to fall.
  • For a University that will allow this type of dissidents daily and say a Hail Mary at the end of a football game, it is a slap in the face.
  • They loose their integrity and allegiance to Christ the King when they attempt to
  • When a professor at a Catholic University is posting on his FB page publicly, saying they are happy sodomites can marry…you have lost the argument!
  • It is either FULL acceptance or you are a homophobe.
  • This stuff here screams DEATH! (speaking of transgender people and sodomites)
  • There is no escape unless you turn away from it cold turkey.
  • You have to accept Jesus and accept that you are seeking all the wrong things.
  • “Cultural Marxism doesn’t like to be exposed! He will push back and name call in efforts to shut you down and shut you up.” – Michael Hichborn
  • When can I republish this piece on my site?
  • Before you leave, talking about outrages….Pope Francis

HEADLINE: Pope Francis: Former popes ignored mercy in using ‘inhuman’ death penalty by Diane Montagna

  • So Pope Francis is saying every Pope before him had it WRONG!
  • So these Canonized Roman Catholic Popes that came before the almighty Papa Francis were WRONG!
  • Our Lord didn’t even correct his OWN death penalty.
  • The Lord NEVER allowed a false claim to stand in front of him.
  • Asia Bibi is seeking asylum from the Catholic Church and Pope Francis has said NOTHING!

HEADLINE: Asia Bibi’s Christmas will be in a ‘closed room’: British spokesman by Dorothy Cummings McLean

  • Maintain our patience, recognize this Pope will be judged by Our Lord. We need to pray for him. He has a lot to answer for and he needs our prayers. We will see a day when he no longer holds the Chair of St. Peter.
  • Two book recommendations:
  • Pope Francis’s Paridigm Shift by Jose Antonio Ureta
  • Can a Pope be…. a heretic? by Arnaldo Xavier da Silver

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