Remember Remember The 5th of November The True Story of Guy Fawkes, Featuring Ryan Grant PART 1 – 061118

Written by on 11/06/2018

Mandeville, LA – A very special Mike Church Show Radio Drama featuring historian Ryan Grant and The KingDude Mike Church.

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Special Guest: Ryan Grant, author of On the Roman Pontiff, AntiChrist, The Public Life of Our Lord Jesus Christ vol.I & II and many other titles available here at Mediatrix Press!

  • Remember Remember the 5th of November
  • It is important to defend the Churches teachings but we have to do all of it. Not pick and choose certain things that ‘we’ like.
  • Want to listen to more Ryan Grant!? Check out ReConquest 149: CANONIZATIONS: INFALLIBLE OR NOT? GUEST: RYAN GRANT
  • There was a dark underbelly even when there was NO Novus Ordo Masses. We must remember this. 1917
  • The return of the Latin Mass will not remove it all.
  • Ryan Grant reads the poem Remember Remember the 5th of November
  • Lord Secretary of State –
  • Reading and challenging the sources – read the book with a sympathetic eye.
  • The Enigma of the Gun Powder Plot 1605 by Francis Edwards
  • The English Reformation – Mike discusses when he was editing this book
  • Did they ever actually have a Synod to develop the current language?
  • The Gunpowder Plot – back track to Queen Elizabeth
  • Elizabeth comes to the throne, sends a letter to the Bishop and asks him NOT TO elevate the Host.
  • Boat Load of Money – if you converted to the Church of Rome it was considered High Treason!
  • Jesuit Act of 1584 –
  • If you were Catholic you had to remain 10 miles away from the Queen. So if she was visiting an Earl and you lived within 10 miles, you had to leave your home until she was done with her visit.
  • Catholics are being fined, killed and martyred. So this was the situation they were dealing with under Elizabeth.
  • Sir Francis Walsingham –
  • Isaac Oliver’s Rainbow Portrait of Queen Elizabeth – it had eyes and ears all over her dress. ‘no rainbow without the sun’
  • What does her dress really mean?

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