Time For Heretics To Pay Up: Feminists Owe Their “Freedom” To Mother Mary

Written by on 09/12/2018

Special Guest Carrie Gress author of The Marian Option –

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  • New book coming out “Mary or Anti-Mary The Battle for the Heart of Women”
  • Look at who the model of Christian motherhood should be and who women actually look to.

HEADLINE: Are We Witnessing the Battle Involving an Antimary and an Antichrist? by Carrie Gress

  • Lilith is in the Bible book of Isaiah 34:14
  • When women start taking on the personalities of men.
  • The importance of stories in our culture.
  • Can you go back to a moment in your life when Our Lady called you?
  • I look back when I did my Marian Consecration back in college.
  • I feel like I didn’t “get” Her but wanted to be connected emotionally to Her.
  • I truly didn’t understand what “virtue” was to begin with.
  • The notion of “surrendering” is so foreign to us and maybe that is why I dug in the way I have.
  • Marian devotion was there way back with the apostles. The apostles revered and had a devotion of sorts to Her.
  • The Sub Tuum Prayer – 150 AD a prayer that mentions Our Lady
  • We fly to thy patronage, O holy Mother of God; despise not our petitions in our necessities, but deliver us always from all dangers, O glorious and blessed Virgin. Amen.
  • She never asked to rise above the “handmaid” label.
  • Feminism sought to overturn this title.
  • Accessing who a “good” woman is, is a very difficult thing to many people.
  • Holy Name of Mary – Feast Day Today
  • Why don’t we see miracles anymore? Because we don’t believe anymore.
  • This woman “Mary” that bore The Savior was a REAL woman! We have forgotten that.
  • “All roads lead to Walsingham”! – Joseph Pearce
  • Chapter One of the book –
  • Homosexuality is intrinsically disordered! It cannot be changed just by calling it “differently ordered”.
  • All we homosexual Priest are asking….Father Martin
  • The Big Red Flag
  • Next spring is when the book will be out…possibly sooner!

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