Wisdom Wednesday- The Holiness of St. Frances de Sales & Why A “Monarch” Would Never Cause An Impeachment

Written by on 01/29/2020

Special Guest Brother Andre Marie host of ReConquest

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  • New England rednecks just like in New Hampshire.
  • St Francis de Sales and St Philip Neri are my two favorite counter-revolution Saints
  • Louisiana a revival of Tradition!
  • Lake Charles LA – Institute of Christ the King, as well as the Sisters Adorers of the Royal Heart of Jesus and members of the Society of the Sacred Heart
  • He concerted 72,000 Calvinist back to the Catholic faith.
  • Saint John Henry Cardinal Newman – to know history
  • Saint Frances de Sales
  • The Spirit of Saint Frances de Sales by Jean Pierre Camus
  • Mike tells story of St. Francis de Sales in church on his knees.
  • A book written to a fictitious woman. 
  • Clericalism is not a healthy state for the church.
  • Everyone was too dependent on the clergy for Catholicism.
  • When the clergy goes bad, then everything goes bad really quickly.
  • Mike tells story of Lithuania, Mother Mary -Our Lady of Šiluva
  • If we had a King we wouldn’t be run by the oligarchs we have been run by.
  • What American wants the United States government to do this, force Albania to house Muslims?
  • We constantly force this type of stuff on foreign countries.
  • What is this? Is this Democracy?
  • Republican “King Maker” – 

HEADLINE: Bishop Barron’s call for hierarchy to police Catholic media is a recipe for disaster by Jason Scott Jones

  • Jurisdictional authority is a big deal with social media b/c there is NO CANONICAL law for a ruling.
  • An official mandate that says “you can do this”
  • What Bishop Barren is talking about is in his head.
  • He wants to see it happen, and if the USCCB does it, Rome might just wink and nod.
  • But there is NO MANDATE for social media.
  • This is unheard of!

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