You Called Down The Thunder Well Now You Got It! Our War Against Fake Pro-Lifers-with Michael Hichborn

Written by on 02/11/2020



Special Guest Michael Hichborn – 

Founder of the Lepanto Institute

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  • Claims to be Catholic, used to teach at a Catholic University…someone who used to have a regular Catholic column, good friends w/ Mark Shea & Simcha Fisher so there you go.
  • No medical condition that killing the baby would have saved the mother. – Paul
  • It doesn’t happen but the left uses this all the time.
  • We have to have abortion to protect the life of the mother.
  • They want total cooperation and annihilation. 
  • They want you to endorse what they are doing.
  • The LGBTQ cult – they will never be satisfied w/ what they say they currently want.
  • 80’ s acceptance
  • 90’s same sex unions
  • 2000’s we want civil unions
  • 2015: same sex marriage – Obergefell v. Hodges
  • They just keep pushing the finish line further and further down.
  • Our Lady of Lourdes – 
  • Franz Werfel – author of The Song of Bernadette
  • Charles Darwin – origin of species
  • Then Our Lady says – I Am THE Immaculate Conception
  • So she lets us know Adam and Eve couldn’t have been immaculately conceived.
  • The serpent tempted Eve with transitioning into more of a God.
  • It wasn’t because she was hungry, she had all she could eat. 
  • Adam and Eve were the FIRST transitioners. 
  • It is the story of our origin all over again.
  • CRUSADERS STADIUM: “Because Our Lady is THE Immaculate Conception, Adam and Eve could not have been born through conception.” 
  • Adam and Eve were not conceived…they were CREATED!
  • ******* You cannot understand the passion and death of Our Lord outside of a literal interpretation b/c He was undoing what was done in the garden. ******
  • Ordination of the female Bishop – 

HEADLINE: Rhode Island priest denies communion to legislators who support abortion by Associated Press  (Father Richard Bucci)

  • Argentina Republic President Alberto Fernandez and mistress Fabiola Yanez 

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