Explaining The LGBTQ Zeitgeist By Learning Who Led It: Sodomite Priests

Written by on 07/25/2018

Mandeville, La

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Yesterday’s program –

  • I listen to all rebroadcasts of my shows, at least half of them, it was not my intent to do a big “*” you to anyone attending the Novus Ordo Masses.
  • The goal is this – who is going to start the process of discussing where these flaws came from.

Space Force –

  • President Trump is out again, yesterday, talking about sending nukes into space.





HEADLINE: The Catholic Church is enabling the sex abuse crisis by forcing gay priests to stay in the closet by Robert Mickens

Back to HEADLINE – Robert Mickens

  • Where is the first breech?
  • The first breech was in the Church. It was the Priests…there had to have been at some point and time where men that were already Priests became coerced. Then the recruitment continued.
  • This author gets it, his solution is diabolical but he does get the issue.
  • From the Chatroom – As goes the Church, so goes the world.
  • What is a “healthy sodomite”?
  • Their suicide rate is 3-4 times higher than that of a heterosexual so is there such a thing?
  • Heres the problem – there is no hypocrisy here.

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HEADLINE: The Elephant Remains In The Sacristy by Rod Dreher

Field Mouse Story/Exercise –

  • What about the ones that are already in formation?
  • What are you going to do about them?
  • There has to be a fundamental change in the way things are done.
  • Does lukewarm liturgy promote this? Is that the weapon that started it?
  • Venti from Starbucks
  • Online gay Priests circle – (“Kill [Ratzinger]? Pray for him? Why not just f— him??? Any volunteers — ugh!!!”)
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Special Guest Brother Andre Marie –

Follow Brother Andre Marie here:

  • Can this problem/scandal be eliminated with lukewarm liturgy?
  • Someone could nitpick what you said with the Chicken and the Egg argument.
  • The world was always evil and always will be.
  • When we talk about the “world” it is the part that refuses to repent, that part which refuses redemption.
  • The check on this is the Church. The Church is tasked with sanctifying the “world”.
  • When the Church is doing Her job, the evil in a sense held at bay.
  • Brother Andre reading from an article –
  • Their failure to remain celibate, those “normal” ones would have left to get married. The queer ones are the ones that stayed. The sodomites are what was left. Then they became the gate keepers to the seminaries.
  • Brother Andre discusses his entrance into the seminary.
  • “Sister Mary Pantsuit”
  • St. Peter Damian
  • Voices of warning – many had an agenda already!
  • They were brought in to fix the Priests problems but they made them worse.
  • Now the question is what do we do about this?
  • Scandalized himself right out of the Church.
  • We are loving God when we embrace tradition.
  • St. Augustine theological charity alines all your love properly.
  • I mean the Mystical Body of Christ when I say the Church.

HEADLINE: The Irish Abortion Referendum: But How? by Brother Andre Marie

  • Fr. Slattery message to Bishops
  • Bishop Williamson
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Recap from the first two hours –

HEADLINE: Trans Activists’ Threats To Execute Women Sure Don’t Look Like Social Justice by Natasha Chart

  • “Can you imagine? Lesbians at Pride! Protesting sexism!”
  • I don’t care how many rainbow flags you have, this will not yield good fruit.
  • The fact there are MEN in the UK bullying the women should raise some feminist flags!
  • AUDIO/VIDEO: Crocodile Dundee – Transvestite in Bar Scene
  • There is a difference between the men that like to dress like a woman and those that want to actually become a woman.
  • The LGBTQ have been preaching there is no difference b/w a man and a woman but now that story is changing and the women are seeking protection from men.
  • Why are people granting their approbation to this?
  • Mike tells story of couple at airport –
  • LGBTQ – lesbians suing transgender women
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