From Texas Secession To Uniting The Catholic Rad Trad Clans – Mike Church’s Interview With Taylor Marshall

Written by on 03/27/2019

Special Guest Marshall Taylor

Used to be an Anglican Priest

Follow Marshall here: @TaylorRMarshall

  • From the Great State of Texas so I totally agree with you on that.
  • December 25th – March 25th Annunciation
  • Not only Catholic tradition but we know our Blessed Lady was not effected by Original Sin.
  • Mothers don’t forget any details of the birth of their children.
  • The liturgy is not about personal preference. It is about worshiping adoring the Blessed Trinity. Everyone needs to repeat this OVER and OVER.
  • We are doing this for God NOT ourselves!
  • It is the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross.
  • I don’t like the Priest is speaking Latin…..well he isn’t doing it for YOU!
  • Catholic America – how boring that would be. INCORRECT
  • Dogma/Liturgy/Prayer & Devotion
  • This is why he is so revered even in this very day.
  • Taylor Marshall Pope Kiss Ring on YouTube – WHY DID POPE FRANCIS REFUSE KISSING OF HIS RING?
  • You get an indulgence when you are allowed to kiss the Popes ring.
  • RECAP from previous Headline: Is Francis Losing His Mind? (Bizarre Behavior Rattles Catholic Faithful)
  • Indulgences when kissing the rings: Pope 300 / Cardinal 200/ Bishop 50
  • This isn’t done to honor Pope Francis, this is to honor the OFFICE that he holds.
  • The Holy Father has an obligation to the duties the office holds.
  • The indulgence has been cancelled but the custom is still in place.
  • The Cardinals wear a red hat b/c they are supposed to be willing to shed their BLOOD for Christ and His people!
  • He doesn’t wear this red hat because it is a ‘fabulous’ hat!
  • It isn’t just to be cool!
  • Why does he wear this ring? It is a sign of his office. His stripes or his ranks.
  • #SmellsNBells
  • Tune out in 8 minutes in the Homily, yeah…if the homily is horrible!
  • We told stories around the fireplace. That was entertainment.
  • Father Jerry how you have to vote on immigration then test you want to run to the parking lot.
  • If they are talking about sacraments and your eternal destiny that is an investment you WANT to listen to!
  • Quality and Quantity are what people want know.
  • We Christian Conservatives need to wake up and realize we need to better our ‘content’.
  • We must stop the bad media, no more Priests and Monks and Sisters just regurgitating the faith.
  • We need people that happen to be Catholic that are really entertaining also!
  • It really bothers me when people want to debate me but use a fake name.
  • NO, our names are attached to what we say.
  • You don’t have to be perfect but you do have to be accountable.
  • You have to do some research and KNOW what you are talking about.
  • It forces you to hone your craft/vocation when you attach your name to it.
  • Back to our theme Uniting The Clans – What can each of us do so that we CAN unite the clans against the common enemy.
  • We cross pollenate! We share ideas, come together at conferences.
  • We must humanize each other as well.

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