Hail Full of Grace! Feast of The Immaculate Conception – Brother Andre Marie & Mike Church – The Mike Church Show

Written by on 12/08/2017

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Brother Andre Marie and Mike Church talk about the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary Conceived with out Sin By Saint Anne.


Mandeville, LA – DeceptiCONNED: Why The War Party Hates Putin – MBD posits that Putin “hatin’” has become a John Boltonesque blood sport precisely because he keeps showing up in the places ‘Murica’s aggression leaves him no option but to bolt to, like Crimea after Ukraine.

The accusations of Putin’s influence have been hottest precisely where democratic results have upset the historical self-confidence of the post-Cold War liberal order: Brexit and Trump. Putin’s influence is a way of explaining why the destiny of liberal champions was upset by populist ogres, why liberal policies haven’t pulled us into the final glory at the end of history, or why the liberal world was vulnerable to these “mistakes,” the ones produced by voters.

Of course, if you are reader of this space you know the real reason the DeceptiCONS despise Putin and Russia in general.

First Things: Innocent ‘Til Proven Guilty. Second Things, Roy Moore’s Accusers Haven’t Accused – If you are looking for a Pollyanna to assist the baby-dismemberers and give them moral cover, look no further than Rod Dreher. Dreher, has perfected the situational, circumstantial “ethics” or “morals” he is exalted as a champion of.  Dreher has joined the dismemberment mob in convicting Moore of acts that even if true, in the worst case, amount to what used to be called “carnal knowledge of a juvenile”, a crime for sure but one that Moore would have committed 30 years ago. Did Moore confess his sin, beg forgiveness and amend his ways? The public record says that he did. What then should the pious Dreher et al hang their hats on for the “he’s worse than Franken, Conyers et al” and Alabama “Christians” should sit the election out?

“Trump will be an avatar for the restoration of Christian morality and social unity is beyond delusional. He is not a solution to America’ s cultural decline, but a symptom of it. So is Roy Moore. So is the Republican Party. The idea that the party of Bill Clinton, of abortion-at-all-costs, and mandatory transgenderism in public schools has gotten out ahead of the GOP on sexual morality tells you all you need to know.” [emphasis mine, from Dreher’s Benedict Option]

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