HIGHLIGHT – Dr Kevin Wacasey of Healthcare-Onomics on the Mike Church Show – 130818

Written by on 08/13/2018

Special Guest Dr. Kevin Wacasey –

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  • Reprieve is on the way for health insurance.
  • Mitter Church industries – traditional health insurance.
  • These relationships have been brokered through health insurance companies.
  • By going through these companies you are using their network and their PRICES.
  • There is no health insurance company so you don’t have to use THEIR network.
  • Many insurance companies went under or got a bailout from the Federal government then went under after that. (Hurricane Katrina)
  • Dr. W’s Equation
  • Paying a doctor straight out of pocket. (Typically a yearly fee to the doctor.) It’s the oldest business in the book. Paying someone for performing a service.
  • The HSA will follow you for the rest of your life so yes, you can pay out of an HSA while claiming you have no insurance.
  • Just don’t tell them you have health insurance.
  • “Cash is King”
  • What is HSA exactly?
  • #DontStopRepealing #DontStopReplacingIncumbents

HEADLINE: Rand Paul Against the World by Jack Hunter

  • Rand Paul should be known as the guy who pulled the finger out of the damn. He has exposed this healthcare/insurance fraud.
  • US Debt Clock – $2,645,424,115,650
  • The alphabet supers – NBC, FOX News, CNN and so on
  • If healthcare was suddenly fixed, these big stations wouldn’t have much to talk about.
  • Diverted Salary

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