HIGHLIGHT – Stefanie Nicholas: The ChickComs™ Behind The “Womens March” & Other Anti-Catholic, Marxist Follies

Written by on 01/23/2019

Special Guest Stefanie Nicholas –

Follow her on Twitter @StefMNicholas 

  • The Women’s March and the correlation with the Communist party.
  • The color schemes are even the same.
  • 15 years in, would you say that was a lie?
  • There are very clearly 2 sets of standards for people. Especially if you are a Catholic.
  • You have ‘blue check’ journalist saying they are going to put these children names and personal addresses out on social media.
  • These are CHILDREN!
  • Moral Therapeutic Days
  • It has been quite the journey for me.
  • “You are a very quick study.” – Mike Church
  • What was the catalyst?
  • This was the one religion that was never really on my radar.
  • Our Father it is not MY Father…
  • You can find her at One Peter Five main place.
  • I have a few other places I am looking to submit to but I am all over social media so you can find me there for sure.
  • Our Blessed Mother –
  • The Wedding At Cana – invited Jesus he brought his Mother and the 12
  • They asked the Mother of the Miracle Worker if SHE would ask Him about the wine. THAT should tell all Protestants WHY we pray for the intercession of Mary His Mother.
  • Be on the look out for the article on the Women’s March and one coming soon at One Peter Five.

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