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Mandeville, LA – Californians Create New California To Evade The Old California Government – AKA Why New Hampshire has 8 year waiting period before Massachusetts ex-pats can run for government offices. The “New California” movement is the latest effort to carve off the state’s rural areas from its urban areas. Looking at the map of what would be New California, I am immediately struck by the massively out-of-scale organization of the current California and the concept that somehow it needs to remain as one state! It is at least 6 states right now yet the author of the piece at Newsweek insists the “effort is almost certain to fail”. So, Hotel California was not a work of fiction by the Eagles it was work of truth where eagles are fiction. (thanks Chesterton!)

Will You Go Georgetown, Impostor Catholic or Will You Go Carmelite? – I lamented the recent announcement that the Catholic Impostors at Georgetown University are to break ground on a new, Catholic, LGBTQ “Discovery Center” wherein impostors posing as Catholic students can get in touch with, experiment with, participate in the “diversity” of lesbianism and other sodomite “lifestyles”. Kelly Marcum exposes the fake catholics without calling them such (she leaves that to me).

“The LGBTQ lobby has managed, for all practical purposes, to appropriate and redefine what cura personalis means within the gates of Georgetown, and has persuaded the Jesuit administration, with seemingly little difficulty, to go along with their game.”

Do those who try and wed Catholic moral teaching with its antithesis really think they are doing the souls of those who will swallow their apostle-arsenic any favors! If they do, then they should find good company with faithful Lutherans in their muses’s charge to “sin boldly” and then also become heretics. Does Georgetown not teach of the sacrifice of the 16 Carmelite nuns at the Guillotine scaffold on 17 July, 1794? Did those nuns die for the faith and to end the great terror (which they gracefully did) or for an “outdated” moral teaching and doctrine? I’d like to see a Guillotine at Georgetown to lop off the venerable term “Catholic” from “Georgetown”.

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