Hugh Owens and Robert Sungenis Interview: Copernicus – The Mike Church Show

Written by on 02/04/2019

Special Guests: Hugh Owens and Robert Sungenis

  • HUGH OWEN – His main cretic of the Kolbe Center is…we misrepresent the original teachings of the Church.
  • Sacred history of Genesis – the magisterium has not defined once and for all.
  • 1853 a Catholic was free to withhold his consent to the Immaculate Conception.
  • There are many things that are part of our holy traditions that are contained in our teachings.
  • Some traditional Catholics seem to have canonized the theological manuals as if everything was fine before Vatican II.
  • FreeMasons Book can be read here for free: LibriVox
  • Science had proven the Earth was hundreds of thousands of years old so do not trust Genesis as the actual beginning of the Earth.
  • ROBERT SUNGENIS – If the solar system is at the center of the solar system, then doesn’t that put US in the center? The answer is YES.
  • This is what science tells us.
  • If the Milky Way is in the center, then that too puts us in the center of the universe.
  • It seems Fr. Robinson has had his mind made up and he ignores evidence that doesn’t support HIS ideals.
  • We have been accused of forcing Catholics to accept doctrine.
  • HUGH OWENS – This was not a minor matter. If you read what they actually wrote, they reject the Pagan natures the Romans around them believed in.
  • The Fathers of the Church took every word in sacred scripture as Word of Truth.
  • That means this was an accurate account of what God did and what Jesus did.
  • It was meant to be taken at face value. No exceptions.
  • Why don’t we compromise on this?
  • From the Beginning….
  • ROBERT SUNGENIS – is Mr. Owen correct? YES..100%
  • The Protestant/Lutheran has many videos out there and it is more Catholic than most Catholic videos.
  • Protestant Fundamentals that take the bible literally…well who were the first fundamentals of the Christian faith? The Catholics!
  • Is there any evidence for that claim?
  • The biggest commentary that the Catholic Church posses.
  • HUGH OWENS – Genesis According To The Saints (available in the FTP)
  • Genesis 1:1
  • We just have to remain rooted in the Catholic Church. God has made so we don’t go off the rails.
  • The natural order of things – anyone who understands this one point, will quickly be able to make sense of everything.
  • The whole work of creation was SUPERNATURAL.
  • He stopped creating new kinds of creatures after he created Adam and Eve.
  • Modern Science is wrong b/c it is based on the false philosophy that the same natural processes have been operating since the very beginning of the universe.
  • How does a local flood make an entire world perish?
  • 2 Peter 3
  • This is a lie from the pit of hell.
  • Question 73 on creation – 7th day the universe begins to operate autonomously

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