The CRUSADE Channel Introduces The Next Big Thing in Radio: TV

What's On CRUSADE TV!?

The Daily LIVE! Broadcast of the Mike Church Show from 6:00am-10:00am central in HD with full Stereo Sound!

Completely Private & Secure

The CRUSADE Channel believes that the only way to genuinely protect our speech rights is to admin our media in-house. CRUSADE TV is hosted on our private, video servers!

An Elegant, Simple Player

There's no Learning Curve with CRUSADE Channel TV Player; just click & play; rewind is also available!

The Mike Church Show Highlight Reel from CRUSADE Channel TV


The CRUSADE Channel TV is in a David vs Goliath Fight With Big Tech!

As one of the world's ONLY, 24/7, completely independent media outlets we have no access to the #fake news media charms of "free hosting" on social media platforms & are COMPLETELY subscriber funded!

Big Tech


CRUSADE Channel TV is Family & Office Friendly!

The content on CRUSADE Channel TV is edifying for adults and is presented free of today's vulgar language and sexual themes so you can play it in most any surroundings including on your office or waiting room TV!


Our Special Events Coverage Beats The Fake News Nets

The CRUSADE Channel TV, 2020 Election Night Coverage was rated by our members as the BEST on TV. Our intention is to expand that coverage to many more events as the platform grows but we need your help to get there; so please, join us now & get a front-row seat to the future of independent TV!

CRUSADE TV Member's Testimony

Aaron A. - Founding Brother Level Member

I discovered The Crusade Channel while looking for a Catholic perspective on current events.  I was not disappointed.  My faith and my desire to make my community stronger has been strengthened by The King Dude and his fellow hosts.

Tracy S. - Founding Brother Level Member

The commentary on current events from a Catholic perspective is refreshing, but more important the Crusade Channel is a community.  I have to give two thumbs up to the addition of Crusade TV, it really adds to the overall experience of the Mike Church Show!!  

Kenny S. - Basic PLUS TV Level Member

We need truth more than anything during these times and this is the place to get it. I love the new crusade family that I found and has grown.

Its Time To Get Off The Sidelines & Join The CRUSADE!

If you're a Basic or Premium Founders Pass Member we have inexpensive upgrade plans that add just 50 cents per day to your CRUSADE Channel Membership! If you're NOT a Founders Pass Member, you can get a 14 day FREE Trial WITH CRUSADE Channel TV Included for $0.0 & receive ALL the benefits of FP Membership. There's also a CRUSADE Channel TV Only plan for those who just want to enjoy CRUSADE Channel TV!

The Future of Our Society Begins With The CRUSADE Channel

That may sound like a prideful statement but it's not. Why? Because we consider every Founders Pass member  and indeed each one of us as part of a community of like minded men and women of Good Will. Our CRUSADE is to reclaim broadcasting media from the demonic harlots that have illegally and immorally, hijacked it for their own diabolical purposes. Together we defend the Good, True and Beautiful and we'll do it on what they think is their domain; its not, so join us!

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