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Written by on 12/21/2017

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Mandeville, LA – The GOP Pass Tax Bill Does Some Good But It Fails In What Matters Most: Spending – I told a shocked friend of mine “the GOP tax bill is sauce for the goose, ladeled out by Baphomet”. He responded that I was a cynic a***ole and no longer a joy to be friendly with. I responded by telling him there are parts of the bill I LOVE but, Mike Mike Mike Mike, the devil is in details: it doesn’t cut a nickel of spending and will explode the MIC, HIC, other MIC sponsored debt. This article by Tho Bishop explains some of this. But for the REAL skinny….

…The GOP Tax Bill Is The WORST Turkey Since FDR – I know if I want the unvarnished truth on matters of economics and the 5 trillion headed hydra known as the Federal Monstrosity, I need to get it from a few sources. David Stockman is one of them:

“The GOP tax bill is not “at least something”. It’s not “better than nothing”. And, no, we are not letting the perfect become the enemy of the good. In truth, this thing is a fiscal, economic and political monster. It is hands down the worst tax bill enacted in the last half-century—-maybe even since FDR’s 1937 soak-the-rich scheme, which re-ignited the Great Depression. True, rather than soak them, the GOP’s bill will pleasure America’s wealthy with a bountiful harvest of tax relief. Owners of public equities, for example, will garner a trillion dollar shower of extra dividends and stock buybacks from the corporate rate cut.”

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