Mike Church Show 04202016 Seg 1-2 Trumpzilla Voters To Experience Futility of Democracy

Written by on 04/20/2016

Mandeville, LA – Trumpzilla has so convincingly won the New York primary that the competition of Ineligible CruZombies and the hapless governor of Ohio John Kasich couldn’t earn a majority when their votes are added together. The looming primaries in California and Pennsylvania where Trumpzilla has large leads all but eliminate Cruz and Kasich yet the GOP party poobahs have not stepped in to call the obvious electoral TKO the planet is witnessing. As Patrick J Buchanan pointed out yesterday, the 1919 playbook of the World Series is why. Citing this and the veto hurled by Governor Rick Scott’s veto pen at Traditionalists in FL embarrassingly demonstartes the futility of Democracy.

Segment 2 – Mike’s been talking a LOT about ‘Muricah’s bloody and lethal obsession with unJust wars and today he gets some help from Dr Donald Prudo from Those Catholic Men. Covering the history of Catholic just war theory and the bio of St Augustine makes for radio delivered solutions you will not hear anywhere else.

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