Mike Church Show – 042516 Seg 1-2 Warfare State We’ve Been Causing Trouble A Long Time

Written by on 04/25/2016

Mandeville, LA – Segment 1: Kelly Vlahos blows  the lid on an issue Mike has been pounding since 2008: the for profit Industrial War Complex. War profiteering keeps us in ongoing wars that never end because they’re designed that way and there are LEGIONS of the corrupt who’ve made $4 TRILLION on the blood-soaked business since 9-11.

Segment 2: A continuation of the previous segment with another plot twist: The warfare state is also sold in elections. Why is the upcoming election so important this time around? It’s not but the ‘Murican sheople have been baaaa’aaaaaed into believing it is “the most important of our lifetimes because of “national security” issues. Mike’s solution: withdraw our consent,get our families and houses in order then form individual Catholic/Christian [r]epublics like The Catholic [r]epublic of St Tammany. O! to have a Holy Tammany Emperor!

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