Mike Church Show 042616 Seg 1-2-Why Big Steel Giving Way To Big Casino Leads To Big Sin & Misery

Written by on 04/26/2016

Mandeville, LA – ‘Cause we’re living here in Allentown, but they’ve taken all the factories down… Continuing yesterday’s talk about the tragedy of ‘Murican manufacturing being shipped to China etc so the Ruling Elite Masters has more disastrous consequences than just lost industrial employment. What happens when the industry of steel is replaced by the dis-industry of gambling and faux “tourism!? Listen for the answers and the solution: PA secedes and uses its sovereign power to bring industry back by dismantling its welfare, warfare state.

Segment 2: 90 year old Pennsylvania Senator Harris Wofford announces he’s gay, and getting married PLUS how do alleged Catholic colleges like Notre Dame and now Georgetown not get struck by the wrath of God himself after inviting then hosting baby-killing sycophants for Beazaelbub Joe Biden (Notre Dame) and now the wicked witch of Planned Parenthood’s Celine Richards!?

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