Mike Church Show 050216 Seg. 3-4-Conservatism Can’t Make A Comeback Cause The Cannot Define “Conservative”

Written by on 05/02/2016

Mandeville, LA – Taking a cue from essayist Arthur C Brooks Mike wants to know how “Conservatives Can Win The Debate” when “conservatives” cannot define then steadfastly defend “conservatism. You can’t defend a cliché that belongs on a bumper sticker, not as a political creed.” This is a recurring theme here and Mike is at his his best on this topic today pulling no punches and leaving no ox’s not-gored: “This is just another reason to divorce yourself from the term “conservative” and follow St Francis Assisi’s example and LIVE the life of a Conservative fearing the loss of heaven and conserving the world needed to avoid that fate. Pretty simple huh?

Tom from PA calls to ask Mike what he means by “wishing to live in a Catholic country!? Is that catholic or Catholic…I am a protestant and am confused by why you’d want a failed system!” What follows is 25 minutes of Founders Red Pill gold that might inspire the lukewarm Catholic to try their hand at living their Faith as they know it among the Toms they are inevitably friends or relatives of. The YouTube Video is below:


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