Mike Church Show 050416 Seg. 1-2-When You Let Beck Blaspheme & Claim You ARE The Messiah, Bad Things Happen

Written by on 05/04/2016

Mandeville, LA – We’ve Been Here Before – Here we are, in the same position we found ourselves in circa 2008 when we were told that McCain was the GOP nominee.  Convinced by the talk radio mafia back then that the ’08 election was the MOST IMPORTANT election in the HISTORY OF HISTORY, nothing truly changed after the president was elected. We still live in the same oligarchy.

When you barnstorm across any countryside proclaiming that you are THE Messiah, sent to save the world as the “most conservative in the history of conservatives”, you will bring bad things down upon you.  God does not like nor tolerate being mocked.  The more steady diet of Tedly Ineligible Cruzright we’ve been fed, the more we’ve grown to dislike him!  Rather than say #NeverTrump or #NeverHillary, why not say #AlwaysChrist?  We must divorce ourselves from the socially engineered system that is currently in place, wherein which we fall in line to the tune of Reds vs. Blues, Yankees vs. Red Sox, Dem vs. GOP.

Mike makes a bold prediction about the POTUS election in November: LISTEN to hear it!

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