Mike Church Show 050516 Seg 3-4-Introducing The Suzanne Option & The Pagan Anti-Culture Threat, Soon To Make Martyrs

Written by on 05/05/2016

Mandeville, LA – The Suzanne Option and More HB2 Insanity – A big announcement!  A new show on the Veritas Radio Network: ‘The Suzanne Option’ with Suzanne Sherman.  Suzanne shares her background and details on the new show, debuting on May 19th.  Learn how to apply ‘the Benedict Option’ to your own life.  What does it actually take to partially (or completely) remove yourself from the grid?

The Obama [in]Justice Department has demanded for a surrender and compliance.  Yes– why NOT allow convicted sex-offending perverts to micturate and expose themselves in the girl’s room alongside our young female children?  Where are the adults here?  Conform your mind to reality– use the moral code given to us by Almighty God. Reading from AmConMag’s Rod Dreher’s take on all this, Mike zeroes in on culture: we don’t have one! In conclusion, Mike inquires to the listener: do you really think that the people who defend the pervert have any regard for human life?

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