Mike Church Show 050616 Seg. 1-2-What’s After HB2 Is Rammed Down Our Revolt, French Guillotines?

Written by on 05/06/2016

Mandeville, LA – IT. IS. OVER.  What’s Next At The Lucifer and Baphomet Buffet? – Run for the exit, folks!  Mike continues the discussion from yesterday about the HB2 bathroom nonsense.  What in the wide, wide world of sports is going on here?!  We’ve all been told to conform our minds to the reality of The State: denial of God-given gender at birth.  ‘Don’t you care about the feelings of the transgendered and the confused?  We will now use the power of the State to bear against you, using the penal code against you.  We tried to put you out of business; we tried to shame you into denouncing your faith and God’s natural order, but that didn’t work.  Now we’re going to lock you up,’ they will say.  What if locking you up stops working?  Martyrdom is coming.  Totalitarianism is here.  If you deny this, you are in denial of the true reality.  Mike brings up the story of the Vendée in 1793 France as a parallel to what is in our future.   To make our country right, the authority we should be appealing to is Almighty God.  As the monologue continues, Mike asks: why NOT pray #RosariesForTrump?  While you’re at it, why not work on obtaining your passport, before it is too late.  Caller Ryan offers real solutions for the issues at hand.

Debbie Schussel then joins Mike for movie reviews.  What’s currently playing at the Paradise Theatre?

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