Mike Church Show 050616 Segments 3-4

Written by on 05/06/2016

Mandeville, LA –  Looking For Messiahs In All The Wrong Places and Free Phone Friday Phone Calls. – What is a Catholic-Christian to do?  Should Catholics support Donald Trump?  Mike gives his personal take.  Separation of Church and State as we currently understand it is a heresy.  The two should be separate, but the order should be inversed; the Church should be first, with the State separate from, operating under, and in conformity to the laws of the Church and Almighty God.

Mike reads from a piece by Dierdre Mundy. Has our country gone crazy? We are looking for Messiahs in the wrong places– including that of the false American Civil Religion. Quoting from the piece:

Benedict says, “The interpretation of Christianity as a recipe for progress and the proclamation of universal prosperity as the real goal of all religions – this is the modern form of the same temptation. It appears in the guise of the question, ‘What did Jesus bring then, if he didn’t usher in a better world? How can that not be the content of the Messianic hope?’”

The U.S. constitution is not eternal and it is heretical to treat it as if it IS eternal.  The dream of a kingdom under Christ is the ultimate dream.  Our duty should be to God first; if we take on this stance, everything else will fall in line.  Look to Saint Francis of Assisi for an example.

Caller Ashley has a question about government funding sources and their collection in the early days of the United States.  Caller Jay continues the conversation about voting for Donald Trump.  Mike continues with Free Phone Friday phone calls and discusses the erroneous ways of Twitter user Ragnar.  Fellow Veritas Radio Network show host calls in and converses with Mike regarding the upcoming episode of The Flow.  With the final caller of the day, we are reminded that God is in always in charge and knows what He is doing.

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