Mike Church Show 051016 Segments 1-2

Written by on 05/10/2016

Mandeville, LA – This Is Shocking: HB2, The Shell Game of The National Debt, and “Constitutional Conservatives”. – When your civilization arrives at a point in time in which smart people (that are allegedly leaders) refuse to identify that the nature of things cannot change, civilization is at an end.  We think that civilization is simply technology: indoor plumbing, modern technology, indoor air conditioning and heating.  Actually, to be in a civilization, we must live in a society that is brought together and held together by certain dogmas.  There must be an order of things.  This is where humanity has gotten off the track.  This is a scary time to be an American.  Our leaders are madmen who desire to bring us into war.  We haven’t been without a war since the modern era.  Mike reads from today’s David Harsanyi: “Obama’s Lawsuit Against North Carolina Isn’t About Civil Rights. It’s About Crushing Dissent.”  Loretta Lynch has declared war on North Carolina.

Mike reads from David Stockman: Trump’s Right– Paying Back The National Debt With “Discounts” Is Already Official Policy.  This whole thing is a shell game: either you will do what we say and think what we say is true, or we will penalize you with dollars.  What are we going to do when the federal courts say you must comply?…That you MUST accommodate the perverts into the bathrooms??  Withdraw your consent, that’s what.  We are living in revolutionary times; if we’re not careful, the revolution will be bad for many of us.  We must be extraordinarily careful about this.  Vigilant we must be.  Your money is being devalued when you put it in a ‘savings’ account.  World banks are injecting inflation, world without end.  They are reliant on our servility.  Caller Bob in North Carolina asserts that we can look at the current state of the economy from many angles.

Why haven’t we heard what Mrs. Trump’s school lunch menu is going to be?  Yes– that’s exactly what constitutional conservatives do: make use of the title FLOTUS and its money.  These “conservatives” care so much about conserving ‘Muricah that they are pouring money into Hillary Clinton’s campaign.  There is no evidence to support the claim that there actually IS a conservative party.  NO evidence, whatsoever, and yet some blindly continue to support it.


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