Mike Church Show 051316 Segments 3-4

Written by on 05/13/2016

Mandeville, LA – The Abolition Of The Almighty From The Shores of ‘Muricah. – We can’t get any more radical and dangerous than this, can it?  We all know what has happened to the Western male: he’s been made a wussy.  Men have been conditioned to reject their masculinity.  You have been desensitized to this.  We now accept that the females are the achievers.  Men are feminine, waiting for Katniss Everdeen to save them, and women are masculine.  Women are not being encouraged to become mothers in sacramental marriage with their husbands.

Mike plays audio from the Texas Lt. Governor’s press conference regarding Obama’s edict.  You can’t separate public education from the federal government, so what is the proper response?  Secession?  Home school?  Private school?  Revolution?  The message of today’s show needs to be shared with everyone; this IS the revolutionary issue.

It is NOT your civil right to choose your gender.   These people are mentally ill; even when they “change” their gender, they are still mentally ill.  They need counseling, prayer, and doses of reality.  The reality is, Junior, you were born a boy.  You mutilating yourself is not going to alter that.  The agenda of Obama’s edict is the abolition of The Almighty from the shores of ‘Muricah.  Is Obama doing us a favor, forcing us into action?

Kurt Wallace calls in to speak with Mike regarding the issue of the day, his predicted compromise, and the upcoming episode of his Veritas Radio Network show, The Flow.

Mike gives an update on the fundraising efforts for the Veritas Radio Network and continues with Free Phone Friday phone calls.


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