Mike Church Show 051616 Seg. 1-2-The Dead Pool: 2 Billion Abortions Since 1966 Means We Pro-Lifers Are Pro-Losers, Time To Change That

Written by on 05/16/2016

Mandeville, LA – The Failure of The Pro-Life Movement. – Folks, the world has gone nuts; nothing like this in the history of mankind has ever been seen before.  Mike asks the question again: are you going to go Carmelite or are you going to go [insert deviant sexual behavior or heresy here]?  It won’t be long until the pederasts are at the door.  Mike expounds on the topic.  This is about Mammon’s attempt to totally abolish the natural order.  Fortunately, there is a remnant out there, and it is alive and well.  Grace still remains!  Reading through the headlines, Mike details the Texas school superintendent who recorded himself on YouTube burning Obama’s edict.  If a state has the power to make a contract, they have the power to leave a contract.  Yes– Texas can secede…if they so prefer.  The secession process starts locally.  Mike shares stories of Veritas Radio Network listeners who are taking action locally.  The audio of John Smeaton’s discussion on the complete failure of the pro-life movement is played, and Mike adds his well-placed comments.  Gender is as much a gift from Almighty God as our eyes are.  Don’t let anyone tell you or your children otherwise.

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